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Which Wrist To Wear Chakra Bracelet To Unlock Its Power

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In this post, you will learn which hand you should wear your new chakra bracelet.

Why Should You Care Which Wrist/Hand To Wear a Chakra Bracelet?

After all, they’re healing crystals, no matter how you carry them, correct!

Well, what I’m going to tell you now will completely change the way you think about wearing the bracelet.

Deciding which hand to wear the bracelet is purely a personal choice. Dexterity is not something you focus on while handling any task.

I mean, it’s a very natural thing for your mind and body to incline to a particular side over another. But for a chakra bracelet, both right and left hands have a different purpose.

Remember the intentions you set while activating your chakra bracelet? Exactly, that’s what you’ve to remind yourself before wearing the bracelet.

Do you want to achieve something or give back to the world? Think about it! Your left and right hand don’t work the same. They serve you differently.

Now, let’s figure out how they work differently on each hand.

What Happens When You Wear The Chakra Bracelet on Your Left Hand?

woman wearing chakra bracelet on her left wrist

The left side of our body is also called the receiver end. When you wear the bracelet on your left wrist, it helps you manifest an abundance of energy.

Do you know when our left side establishes a deeper connection with our subconscious, it reveals many answers to our doubts.

Think as if you establish a connection when your friend receives your phone call and answers you back. In the same way, you control the intake of external energy and connect them with your intentions.

But that doesn’t happen if the flow is clogged by negative energy. It’s all about the internal influence that could help you to fulfill your desires.

So wrap around your left wrist to attract personal growth, creativity, relationships, and peacefulness.

With such a magnetic ability, you receive a stream of healing energy that paves the way for your fulfillment.

What Happens When You Wear The Chakra Bracelet on Your Right Hand?

woman wearing the chakra bracelet on her right wrist

Now your right-hand side has something interesting to do with the bracelet. Your right-hand side reflects energy in the form of actions, communication, or social influence.

You may also call it the giver or reflector side. It’s because you’re projecting what’s already within you to the outside world.

So when you wear the chakra bracelet on your right hand, you begin to feel a sense of control. It helps you bring conscious attention to your work and direct your life with planning. And when your planning and attention are good, your actions become productive.

But hey, there is one more thing it can help you with. Remember that to attract positive energy in life, you must let go of the unwanted energy that makes you suffer.

When the bracelet is on your right wrist, it releases strong vibrations that drain negative energy from your body. If not cleared, this could otherwise bring you emotional disturbances.

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What If My Left Hand Is Dominant?

As far as symbolism is concerned, the right hand has been the standard side for every gesture or activity. If your left hand is dominant, you make just 10% of the world. But when it comes to bracelets, don’t worry about the standards.

There are no such steadfast rules about which wrist you wear your bracelet on. In simple terms, you can wear the bracelet on your right hand. But here’s the rub.

Generally, the left side is said to be more sensitive than the right. That means your left hand can still receive the healing energy. Looking into many different cultures and how they emphasize the practice of wearing bracelets vary from one another.

So at the end of the day, it’s totally up to you to pick your way. Feel free to use it on your right hand if you believe that’s working for you. But remember to stick to your side and not just keep changing all the time.

Can I Wear Multiple Bracelets With The Chakra Bracelet?

multiple chakra bracelets around wrist

Yes, you can wear multiple bracelets with the chakra bracelet. But only if you wear it in the right manner.

A bracelet on your wrist is like a cherry on the top of your outfit.

But when it comes to the benefits of wearing a chakra bracelet, some people think that more bracelets can speed up the healing effect. That is not true. There’s no such thing as a shortcut.

When you set your focus on one bracelet, you embrace stronger shifts in energy. Also, the whole cleansing and activation process is meditational. And it’s hard to keep up with more than one bracelet.

Then why is there a need for wearing multiple bracelets?

Firstly, you must know whether the bracelet you’re going to wear is an extra bracelet or a supporting one. And the way you can figure this out is by energy mapping.

Think of how you would like to tune the energy into yourself!

Do you want to receive healing energy or see changes around you?

Some people believe that wearing bracelets on both hands makes the flow of energy discordant. However, that’s not true.

Say you have Aventurine on your left hand and Rose Quartz on your right. After all, both serve your heart chakra differently. On the left hand, Aventurine reinforces leadership qualities and decisiveness. Whereas, Rose Quartz on the right-hand helps you to communicate and express feelings to the fullest.

You can add another bracelet embedded with Quartz on either hand. That’s because Quartz is an excellent amplifier. And it can boost the healing abilities of almost any crystal paired with it.

Remember, never feel forced to wear multiple bracelets!

But if you feel something is harboring blockages even with your existing bracelet, then go for a supporting bracelet.

Stick to your intentions and think about what makes the most sense for your purpose of having multiple bracelets

Can I Wear My Chakra Bracelet to Bed?

We don’t generally recommend wearing a chakra bracelet to bed. You might think that placing your bracelet under the pillow works the same as when you’re awake. But this is not true.

We heard from many crystal users that wearing a bracelet to bed affected their sleep. If you don’t get quality sleep, your morning would be quite lethargic and irritating.

But there are few exceptions. You can probably wear certain crystal bracelets to bed that don’t hamper your sleep. And when you use them correctly, you attract enormous benefits.

Let me explain it to you.

See, when you wear a 7 chakra bracelet, you manifest healing energy in your body. In your active state, you don’t feel them. But when you’re in a meditative state, you feel the pulsating frequency from top to bottom.

What Happens When You Sleep With Your Bracelet?

The bracelet would still emit the frequency. In a sleep state, your chakra spheres would still receive the energy.

As a result, you feel sensations that could keep you tossing and turning all night. And that won’t give you a refreshing morning.

So what you could possibly do? Well, I suggest you avoid bracelets carrying red, yellow, and orange-colored stones.

That’s because they’re warm and manifest high electromagnetic energy. Also, refrain from using Amethyst as it induces vibrations at a deeper level. This may impact your third eye chakra giving you restless nights.

To help you with sound sleep, we recommend you to have bracelets with the following stones:

Howlite, Moonstone, Rose Quartz, Lepidolite, Turquoise, Hematite, Black Tourmaline, etc.

Their calming vibrations make it easier for you to fall asleep. You may get some intuitive dreams as they connect with your inner self at a deeper level. You can feel reduced stress levels after a perfect night’s sleep.

Pritesh V.
Pritesh V.

Pritesh is an avid writer and spiritual explorer. He believes in the power of mediation and loves to connect with the spiritual geeks to help them discover the power of self-healing.

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