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13 Protection Stones Based On Its Purpose & Horoscope Sign

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Why do we talk a lot about energy and healing?

Because we are all made of it. And so are the protective stones that give many people faith in self-healing. Yet, many of us are still unknown to its working and the secrets behind the energy manifestation. Everything you see and feel is an influence of energy. Rather, say the force field. Whenever you meet a person or experience happenings/ mishappenings, it’s part of the field.

For example, think as a caring wife or parent, what do you often think and do about protection?

Ever imagined why you experience disorders in your life or your family?

The energy around you is so random that you don’t even feel something unfortunate coming your way. Isn’t that the case!

You’re the guardian of your family.

You take everything for granted to keep your space protected. But at times, unwanted energy invades your space out of your awareness and stirs disturbance in life.

Well, readers, don’t worry about it!

What if I tell you that your hidden abilities can create a protective shield! Yes, you heard it right. These are some undiscussed ways you can learn to harness the subtle energy of the stones that can bring some changes in your life.

Why Should You Use Protection Stones?

benefits of protection stones

A watch helps you to keep track of time. In the same way, there are relics of earth that can help you keep track of your energy- the natural stones.

So why stones for protection?

Because they’re the tools nature provided us for manifestation. From ancient civilizations to the modern world, crystals have remained the cornerstone of human lives. Besides healing and status symbols, stones became prominent in protection against evil and ill fortune.

Whether it’s ancient Egypt, Greece, or early Asian culture, a rich mention of protection stones woven into world history has inspired every generation.

So curious to know how you can make protection stones work for you?

Can you use them in your daily life?

How can they help to block harmful energy?

You may even wonder if there are protection stones based on horoscopes.

Now relax and sit tight! We’re going to explain everything you must know to harness protection energy.

Here’s How To Use Protection Stones

graphic of woman with crystals

Let’s make it super easy. Don’t hurt your head with too many stones. If you’re new to this, just pick a stone of your choice. Start with one stone for one month.

For example, you may get started with a tumbled stone. Say, you chose black tourmaline as your protector. Think of ways you could use this immense source of energy for your well-being: in meditation, under the pillow, bathtub, in your purse, or in essential oil therapy.

Using protection stones completely depends on your intentions. The energy inside the stones is sensitive, but doesn’t work on its own. So to use the energy, you first need to awaken your emotional strength.

You want to experience the impact! Keep faith and patience. Don’t rush for your desires to come down to you

Good things come to those who believe, Better things come to those who are patient, And the best things come to those who don’t give up.


Now before you use protection stones, don’t forget to cleanse and activate. The energy works in a certain pattern. And when you work with a stabilized stone, you sync your energy with the consciousness of the stone.

We’ve previously covered a blog on how to cleanse and activate your chakra bracelet, but you can use the same principle to cleanse or activate most of the other stones.

But always remember to carry them wherever you spend most of your time. You never know when or where something or someone could harm you.

With that in mind, you can generally use protection stones as explained below:

 As a Bracelet

turquoise stone protection bracelet

Can you guess how long we have been using the crystals?

Well, it’s as primitive as the early neolithic and chalcolithic ages. You can say it has been a part of human evolution irrespective of religion or ethnicity.

To achieve a collective force of energy, the crystals were woven in a string. They believed in the metaphysical energy of the bracelet and used them for healing and protection.

Today, these bracelets are prized for their use in meditation, prayers, holy rituals, Japamala, and even fashion accessories.

Each stone in a bracelet doesn’t hold equal vibrations. Say, your protection stone is strung together with different chakra stones. But using them all together helps it sync their energies and amplify the effect.

At Space & Vibes, we feel pleasure to offer our esteemed readers different types of natural bracelets: 7 Chakra bracelets, Wrap bracelets, Pendant bracelets, and Mala bracelets.

woman bracelet with natural stones in seven chakras colors and heart pendant laid on a desk
woman warp bracelet with large Turquoise stone
natural Obsidian Buddhist mala bracelet on a book

As Tumbled Stones

hanging chakra tumbled stones

Tumbled stones are the polished version of raw stones. As compared to the jeweler-cut stones, they’re priced pretty low.

And it’s quite easy to get one of those considering you don’t mind much about finely cut aesthetics. Yet, they make a beautiful assortment of your stones.

To use tumbled stones, you don’t need any strings or accessories to hold them. Simply keep the stones close by or hold them in your palm.

Now to use them as a protection tool, always begin with setting an intention on them.

With a clear mind, follow the steps as we’ve discussed programming the crystal in one of our blogs.

Tumbled stones are an ideal tool if you’re performing Reiki, Feng Shui, Protection energy grids, or Chakra meditation. Besides, they make for an elegant piece of decor.

Place several tumbled stones around your indoor plants. You may also use it as a centerpiece on your table. Not only do they add beauty to your inner space but attract protection charm.

If you’re out for work or a journey, simply toss your favorite stone in your purse or tuck inside your clothing.

 As a Necklace

yin yang obsidian protection necklace

A necklace is a symbol of fashion and self-expression. And when you embed a crystal, it becomes much more than a piece of jewelry – a protective necklace.

Women wearing crystal necklaces can feel like a queen or a descendent of royals. Tell me if I am wrong! But with elegance, this ornament offers true value while keeping you safe from the energy pirates.

To use a protection stone as a necklace, you must be wary of your desires and risks. So to get started, list down your affirmations or mantras while holding your necklace.

You may chant, “I am safe and divinely protected. I’m always surrounded by the blessings of God wherever I go”.

It sets a consistent reminder that you always remain in good company. And when you establish a psychic connection with the necklace, you’ll feel more encouraged and less fearful.

In ancient history, jewelry like necklaces, earrings, pendants, or mala beads was known to have granted its wearer protection against curses and ill intentions.

Have you heard about the necklace of Sithathoryunet from ancient Egypt?

It’s believed to bear protective energy blessed by the Sun god to protect the existence of the pharaoh king. In some necklaces, the bearer’s name was engraved to ensure that protective energy would be bestowed upon them.

closer look to rainbow stone pendant necklace
backside view on an Obsidian necklace pendant
tree of life necklace pendant with stones in seven chakra colors on a black background

How Do Protection Stones Work?

Amethyst stone

Protection stones work on the principle of metaphysical energy. Like us, they too have an active source of energy. But they don’t work by themselves unless we set our intentions.

To understand its functionality, we need to sneak-peek into the past- the stone age. During primitive life on Earth, people had no luxury of evidence that we have today or any science to back it. Instead, they used their life experiences.

They treated it as some miracle or a worship tool and believed in their intuition. Stones were an integral part of their prayers, rituals, and divine faith. They understood the purpose of working on different stones and how one can harness the power of protection and healing.

As civilizations advanced, our ancestors learned different ways to communicate with its energy which we could find in the scriptures.

So How Actually Does It Work?

meditation with healing crystals

Protection stones carry a unique pattern of frequency. And they work in ways based upon how they’re formed. Have you ever held a geode? It’s a piece of rock that takes millions of years to form. During each step of the formation of crystals within, they undergo enormous pressure and temperature continuously.

And you know very well, energy can be transferred from one form to another. So these atmospheric conditions infuse a great deal of energy in the form of subtle vibrations. That is the reason different crystals serve different purposes considering their frequency, composition, and color.

But when it comes to impact, let’s not forget that our body is an energy bulk with different densities and patterns. We contain minerals and water that make us quite affected by the vibrations that crystals transmit. Physical and emotional beings, all are connected in a balanced way. And we only suffer because of the imbalanced patterns that result in poor health or lifestyle.

But when we hold the stone, we wield the vibrational energy that resonates with us. Our chakras and meridians are well receptive to any energy around us. Unfortunately, they don’t have the conscious ability to filter the odd ones out. But the crystals have it.

Inharmonious energy instills fear and pain whereas healing energy relieves us from any suffering. And they work as a filter to aid protection against evil eyes. You won’t be impinged by other’s thoughts and feelings. But if you feel unfortunate enough to be around negative influences, the protection stone helps you to cut off from them. The energy works to rewire your consciousness and keep you aware of the situations around you.

Moreover, there are several ways protection stones work:

  • By blocking the negative energy around manipulating or deflecting the energy altering the intensity of energy
    raising your senses and awareness about your space
  • By transmuting the energy so that it ends up harmless

Remember, when you own a protection stone, don’t expect it to readily work for you. Every crystal requires to be charged and programmed before use. When you own a stone, it becomes part of you.

Don’t keep it for occasional use, rather work daily on it. Also, they only work in your favor when you’ve positive thoughts. So keep your thoughts onto the good things for the future, they’ll manifest.

Next up, let’s understand the use of protection stones in your daily routine and what they are up to.

13 Powerful Uses Of Protection Stones

best stones for protection

By this point, I hope you’ve realized the abilities a protection stone can possess.

As a spiritual seeker, I used to question myself that, Why am I often needlessly sensitive to the emotions of others?

What could I do to stop getting overwhelmed by my surroundings?

This sense of anxiety and fear drain most of our energy. They make a bad impact on what truly matters to us.

We all need someone or something as support. And when we talk about protection stones, they exist to curb such false impulses. Protection stones offer a raft of uses. But understand this, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to how to protect ourselves.

See, you can’t just pick a random stone and use it almost everywhere. The effects would be random too.

There are many skeptics about using stones for a particular use. And we usually hear from some people that crystals didn’t work for them. That’s because they simply didn’t follow the right one.

Folks, you must use specific stones for the specific purpose for well-directed benefits. And now, I’m going to share with you the powerful uses of protection stones that you shouldn’t forget while using them.

1. Protection Stones For Empaths

three protection stones for empaths

Caring for others is a natural trait. But do you often find yourself uncomfortable or over-sensitive at times? In such a case, your body unknowingly absorbs every kind of energy around you but couldn’t resist negative ones.

You may never realize but gradually, you would feel your energy draining and heightened feelings for others’ success or sorrow. This might even make you over-anxious and avoid social gatherings.

Being an empath isn’t bad actually. But if you ever have an intense feeling, these stones might bring you in a balanced state.

Amethyst: Target chakra: Crown, Color: Purple

Rose Quartz: Target chakra: Heart, Color: Pale pink

Clear Quartz Target chakra: Crown/ Third eye, Color: Colorless

How to use: Wear as a bracelet/jewelry, carry in your purse, use in meditation or essential oil therapy.

2. Stones For Protection & Strength

stones for protection and strength

Strength is not all about muscles or physical stamina. It’s also building your resilience so that you can deal with any challenges. But when your resilience weakens, you feel like your energy is being brushed off.

Although you’re physically fit, sometimes you feel overwhelmed because of discouragement or unfavorable situations.
So don’t let the negative vibes overpower your strength.

If you sense so, these crystals can help you clear blocks for your inner strength.

Ruby: Target chakra: Root, Color: Red

Tiger’s eye Target chakra: Solar Plexus, Color: Yellowish-

Brown Bloodstone: Target chakra: Root, Color: Dark green with red/orange spots

How to use: Always carry in your purse, wear as a bracelet, use in mediation, or as a chakra bracelet during yoga.

3. Protection Stones For Home

three protection stones for home

Homes might be the safest space we can think of. Unfortunately, some unforeseen fear lurks even when you’re home. You may not realize but evil eyes in your neighbors may influence your home.

Relax, there’s nothing to worry about! In many cultures, people believe that rituals and prayers bring prosperity and protection charm to your home.

And when you have a protection stone, it can amplify the effect of your prayers. It cleanses any stagnant energy around.

So make sure to check these stones when you’re moving to a new house or renovating your existing home.

Black Tourmaline: Target chakra: Base chakras (Root & Sacral), Color: Charcoal

Black Selenite: Target chakra: Crown, Color: White Black

Obsidian: Target chakra: Root, Color: Black

How to use: Feng Shui hangings using 7 Chakra Natural Stone Decor, Crystal grids, and Reiki practices.

4. Protection Stones For Car

three car protection stones

Next time, make your car journey a little different. Isn’t it uncomfortable when you suffer motion sickness or nausea when your car travel turns out too long?

Long or short, your journey must be pleasant and safe. There is always a fear of untoward happenings on busy roads or remote places. But not anymore!

If you feel anything weird, take one or all of these stones with you for your next ride. They can help you remain focused throughout the drive time.

Black tourmaline: Target Chakra: Root and Sacral, Color: Black

Howlite: Target chakra: Third eye and Crown, Color: Marble white

Smoky Quartz: Target chakra: Lower chakras, Color: Deep grey and brownish

How to use: Feng Shui hangings using 7 Chakra Natural Stone Decor, use it as your car’s keychain, or simply carry tumbled stones with you.

5. Stones For Protection While Traveling

three protection stones while traveling

No matter how overstuffed your backpack is, there must be a tiny space to adjust your crystal. You know, there is always a weird feeling exploring new places or meeting strangers.

So whether you’re out for holidays or business travel, you must remain focussed and be aware of your surroundings. Always make a habit of carrying these crystals and let them help you cure your travel nerves.

Moonstone: Target chakra: Solar plexus, Color: Grey, brown, yellow, green, peach, or even colorless

Amethyst: Target chakra: Crown, Color: Purple

Malachite: Target chakra: Heart chakra, Color: Green

How to use: Use as a bracelet or jewelry, Carry tumbled stones every time wherever you visit.

6. Protection Stones For Health

three protection stones for health

Nothing can be more precious than our health. But most of us are affected by mental toxicity or addictions. Yet, barely anyone cares to do something about it. If you feel trapped by your unfit conditions, it’s time to make a change.

Let me tell you something, you really need a push! You need motivation or a consistent reminder that you never underestimate your health.

And there is a way few protection stones could help you restore your energetic aura and overall well-being.

Bloodstone Target chakra: Root, Color: Dark green with red/orange spots

Lapis Lazuli Target chakra: Third eye, Color: Deep blue

Citrine Target chakra: Solar plexus, Color: Yellowish-orange

How to use it: Use it as a pendant, Feng Shui decor at the health region of your home, Reiki healing practices, Prayer, and meditation.

7. Emf Protection Stones

three stones for EMF protection

Do you have any idea how much time you spend on your screen?

Admit this, our daily lives are hacked by gadgets and the fun they offer.

Continuous ripples of your WiFi, cables everywhere, and you being tangled in between.

We can’t imagine if there is an escape from the mess created by the electromagnetic field. Maybe you don’t feel enough of this, but there are always some low-level side effects.

For example, lack of focus, irritating behavior, disturbed sleep, etc are something you should worry about.

But there’s a way like some protective stones that can alter these harmful frequencies and protect your mind and body.

Shungite: Target chakra: Root chakra, Color: Black

Black Tourmaline Target Chakra: Root and Sacral, Color: Black

Fluorite Target chakra: Heart, Color: Green

How to use: Use it as a pendant, necklace or bracelet, wall hanging using 7 Chakra Natural Stone Decor

8. Spiritual Protection Stones

three protection stones for spiritual protection

Without spiritual energy, there is always a sense of incompleteness. Often you may find yourself detached from the divine. Or sometimes, you can’t figure out the problem but you feel quite unfocussed at every work. Then you must realize that the problem isn’t anywhere but within you.

So to remove this unnecessary gut feeling, you must clear the mental fog. Certain protective stones are well known to manifest the spiritual energy you always needed to connect to your inner self.

Clear Quartz: Target chakra: Crown/ Third eye, Color: Colorless

Lapis Lazuli: Target chakra: Third eye, Color: Blue

Amethyst: Target chakra: Crown, Color: Purple

How to use: Use multiple tumbled stones as mala beads or 7 chakra bracelets during meditation, Perform rituals or reiki healing practices.

9. Protection Stones For Negative Energies

three protection stones for negative energies

You may not be aware but sometimes going to places and meeting people surrounds you with unwanted energy. If you know about your energy spheres, they passively absorb such vibrations.

They can cope up to a certain extent. But when negative energies saturate, they create energy blocks for your chakra which ultimately brings harm to you.

In such a case, you need to allow protection stones to be a part of your daily hustle. Try the following stones to tune in with your energy and strengthen your aura.

Amber: Target chakra: Sacral/ Solar-Plexus/ Throat, Color: Yellowish-orange

Black Tourmaline: Target Chakra: Root and Sacral, Color: Black

Clear Quartz: Target chakra: Crown/ Third eye, Color: Colorless

How to use: Use 7 Chakra Natural Stone Decor as wall hangings at home/ office, Wear stone as a bracelet, earrings, or necklace.

10. Protection Stones For Wealth

three protection stones for wealth

Attracting wealth is a choice. So is the suffering. Tell me if anyone encouraged you to embrace the law of attraction? I guess no one.
And since you’re now scrolling down the page, you’re here because of your true intentions for wealth.

Many people couldn’t acquire money because they have a scarcity mindset. Maybe you would have met some people who fear the loss of money or have poor financial habits. Doing so, they just block their way.

It’s not the words of your intentions that manifest your reality, it’s the vibration of the energy of your intentions that attracts. – Anonymous

See, being protective about your wealth isn’t about saving or caring about it. You’ll manifest wealth when you’re attracting opportunities and people associated with it. And if you’re committed to attracting wealth, these stones can attune your intentions with the energy of abundance.

Green Aventurine: Target chakra: Heart, Color: Green

Citrine: Target chakra: Solar plexus, Color: Yellowish-orange

Pyrite: Target chakra: Solar plexus, Color: Brass yellow

How to use it: Use it in Feng Shui rituals or place a Gemstone tree in the money area of the home or wear it as a bracelet or amulet.

11. Protection Stones For Anxiety

three protection stones for anxiety

Your life always throws challenges in your way. But dear, never get overwhelmed by this. Anxiety is something when you’re messed up with your emotions. Doing so, you’re only going to attract inharmonic vibes and make situations worse. And never think about those stress pills!

True character is revealed in the choices a human being makes under pressure. – Robert McKee

When you form resilience, you make yourself immune to ill emotions. Next time if you ever feel the need for better resilience, try all these protective stones. And when you find yourself aligned with their healing frequency, you can kill anxiety with a smile.

Rose Quartz: Target chakra: Heart, Color: Pale pink

Amethyst: Target chakra: Crown, Color: Purple

Lapis Lazuli: Target chakra: Third eye, Color: Blue

How to use: Use the bracelet during prayer or meditation or Reiki practice, Carry as a tumbled stone.

12. For Sleep And Dreaming

three protection stone for sleep and dreaming

Dear readers, never underestimate a goodnight’s sleep. You may cut off your favorite shows but give your sleep the time it truly deserves. It’s a natural healer for your mind, body, and spirit.

But looking at one of the stats, it’s so devastating to find out how poor sleep habits are taking a toll on people. This may lead to heart diseases, obesity, stroke, or depression irrespective of your age.

You really need to follow your body clock. Not only it improves the sleep patterns but also helps you achieve sweet dreams. And like the anxiety pills, we discussed just above, you don’t need medications for sleep.

If you think you need your sleep patterns to be in healthy sync, try sleeping with a protective stone. The good vibes may also protect you from sleep paralysis and nightmares.

Labradorite: Target chakra: Upper chakras, Color: Blue-green/ Yellow/ Purple

Howlite: Target chakra: Crown chakra, Color: Marble white

Rose Quartz: Target chakra: Heart, Color: Pale pink

How to use: Wear a chakra bracelet while asleep or during meditation, or place a tumbled stone under your pillow before going to bed.

13. Protection Luck Stones

three protection stone for luck

Doesn’t that happen when you put all your energy into work yet to no avail? What was holding you back? Perhaps you’ll blame the force of luck that wasn’t in your favor. Well, you’re not alone and we all feel the same.

But when you look into the past civilizations, people had figured out the way to transmute life sufferings into lucky charm. Even if you think technically, every energy can be transformed into another. Then why not the energy of luck!

With tools like protection stones, you get the ability to transform your intentions into reality. Since ancient civilizations, gemstones were the centerpiece of every prayer and ritual. They were known to protect from any untoward happenings and make the odds in favor.

Remember that there is no luck unless you put continuous effort and self-belief into action.

Carnelian: Target Chakra: Sacral, Color: Red-orange

Citrine: Target chakra: Solar plexus, Color: Yellowish-orange

Yellow Aventurine: Target chakra: Sacral/Solar Plexus,
Color: Yellow/ Orange

How to use: Wear as a chakra bracelet, amulet, or necklace at work and business dealings, as a centerpiece on the table where you make plannings and decisions.

Protection Stones Based on Horoscope Sign

horoscope signs and protection stones

Humans aren’t perfect. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be their true self. Every person is born with good and bad traits. And to help you with self-realization, horoscopes exist.

In Astrology, horoscopes help you to deal with your life problems.

Do you know your horoscope sign?

If not, then you must be aware of it. Your life is governed by stars and planetary actions. Because of that, there are consequences both good and bad. So to help you out with attracting good vibes and avoid odd ones, there are certain protection stones assigned for each horoscope sign.

As you go down, the stones mentioned here for each sign are well recommended by most of the experts.

1. Protection Stones For Scorpios

three protection stones for Scorpio

Sodalite: Scorpios are really thoughtful but sometimes they get swayed away by negative emotions. Sodalite can aid them to relieve distractions or unnecessary thoughts and stay emotionally balanced.

Aquamarine: This stone helps to reduce fear or hesitation and opens up good communication.

Red Jasper: Supports the Scorpios when they feel demotivated and induces stability to resolve their feeling of insecurity or stress.

2. Best Protection Stones For Virgo

three protection stones for Virgo

Green Jade: This is a birthstone for Virgo because it highlights their good qualities. It helps them manifest a critical approach and sharp focus towards anything.

Amethyst: Virgo often has stress in relationships and don’t give importance to their own life. Amethyst aids to alleviate such emotions and bring calming energy.

Fluorite: They often tend to do a lot of things at the same time but makes them quite complicated in life. Fluorite eases their focus and encourages them to take one thing at a time.

3. Which Stone is Best For Gemini

three protection stones for Gemini

Blue Agate: Because Gemini can learn things quickly, sometimes they tend to get overly curious. The stone brings grounding energy to keep a balance.

Celestite: It helps to curb indecisiveness and nervousness that creates a lack of clarity.

Blue Kyanite: It brings the energy of confidence and openness but also limits the over-expressive traits of Gemini.

4. Protection Stones For Taurus

three protection stones for Taurus

Emerald: This stone fosters strong relationships with people around both personally and professionally.

Rhodonite: Taurus may get self-complaining and regretful of themselves. Rhodonite acts as an eraser for negative thoughts and boosts self-esteem.

Rose Quartz: It makes you more trustworthy in relationships and makes you a compassionate being.

5. Stones of Protection For Capricorn

three protection stones for Capricorn

Malachite: Capricorn is risk-takers and unstoppable. This stone protects them from untoward situations while taking risks.

Fluorite: As they are unstoppable, this quality may also lead to distractions. Fluorite can aid their mental clarity and focus.

Turquoise: It’s quite helpful while making quick decisions during critical situations without getting convoluted.

6. Protection Stones For Aries

three protection stones for Aries

Ruby: This stone helps the wearer when they feel really low. Aries may get underwhelmed at times but Ruby stone can aid their courage.

Snow Quartz: When you feel burdened with too many responsibilities, Snow Quartz can help you with the ability to maintain and compromise each task.

Aquamarine: Aries can get carried away due to anger and Aquamarine can help them to handle situations with balanced emotions.

7. Protection Stones For Aquarius

three protection stones for Aquarius

Clear Quartz: Aquarius is a self-believers but fear of life changes can affect their self-esteem. Using Clear Quartz can be effective against the odds.

Moonstone: You can’t change the world in some way or other. This feeling may induce negative emotions and this is where Moonstone can help with acceptance.

Amethyst: This is a very effective crystal for Aquarius to reduce their doubts and bring confidence.

8. Stones of Protection For Leo

three protection stones for Leo

Carnelian: Leo is born with natural creativity but the traits like envy or jealousy may hamper them. Carnelian is best suited to curb this trait.

Tiger eye: It helps them to deal with arguments or criticisms positively and reduces the feeling of over-sensitivity.

Garnet: This stone is necessary for Leo to improve their relationships and attract grounding energy to stay in good vibes.

9. Protection Stones For Sagittarius

three protection stones for Sagittarius

Turquoise: Sagittarius is bold and believes in action. Their ability to stay different is special but over-sensitive to unfavorable situations may discourage them. Using Turquoise can help them deal with it.

Lapis Lazuli: It can boost their connections with the spiritual and divine and help them in self-realization.

Obsidian: This stone is a must for Sagittarius to overcome the feeling of selfishness. It helps them to release their ego and empathize with others.

10. Protection Stones For Cancer

three protection stones for Cancer

Ruby: It helps Cancerians with short-tempered behavior and improves emotional well-being.

Emerald: People born in this horoscope are agile but may struggle with their abilities due to bad moods. Emerald can help to reconcile and bring calming energy to them.

Red Jasper: This stone can help to reduce the feeling of insecurity and brings steadiness in life.

11. Protection Stones For Libra

three protection stones for Libra

Rose Quartz: When not in any friendship, Libras may feel isolated or introverted. Rose Quartz, known for openness, can encourage them to attract new relations.

Bloodstone: At times, people may struggle to focus and enjoy one thing at a time. Bloodstone can help them to stay in the present moment and curb distractions.

Green Aventurine: Libras are born to socialize, But it hampers them when they lack good relations. Aventurine, as a relationship stone, can help them to build up positive relationships.

12. Best Protection Stones For Pisces

three protection stones for Pisces

Amethyst: Pisces have the escapist mindset and often fall into addictions. Wearing Amethyst can greatly aid to overcome random habits and bring self-awareness.

Labradorite: This stone is really helpful when you’re carried away with the emotions of others and brings you into a balanced state.

Fluorite: Born with strong thinking abilities, Pisces sometimes struggle with mental roadblocks. With Fluorite, they can clear the path and attract great ideas.


We hope this article helped you realize the beauty of protection stones and how this special gift from nature can be useful to you.

Their perfectly ordered composition and natural frequency are the means that we can self-heal and attract abundance in life.

These amazing relics of the earth have been here long before us. And if we value and nurture, they will be here long after us.

Pritesh V.
Pritesh V.

Pritesh is an avid writer and spiritual explorer. He believes in the power of mediation and loves to connect with the spiritual geeks to help them discover the power of self-healing.

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