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How To Know If Chakra Bracelet is Real

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Your life is a precious gift. Then why spending time and money on fake items?

Meditation using a chakra bracelet offers you a fulfilling experience.

But only if it is real. So in this article, we’re going to explain the ways you can find out if your bracelet is real or synthetic.

1. Fake selling point

“Here is the secret of getting rich. Or earn your dream job overnight. Now all your desires will come true when you buy our bracelet.”

Sounds gimmicky, right?

Real gemstones aren’t one of those you might have heard in fantasy tales. Would that be the case, everyone would’ve earned their dream life with just a bracelet on their hands.

Stones are something that is highly sought after for meditation and spiritual practices. For ages, their significance only grew as an instrument of blessings and memento. And at Space & Vibes, we follow the footsteps of sacred tradition to bring their importance to the limelight.

There’s nothing magical in such stones. But they do carry harmonious waves that act as a support system around you. It helps you spiritually to take the right actions. However, the high demand has led to folks being duped into paying for altered stones that are worth pebbles.

Have you ever been to thrift shops? The place where they sell false promises!

We could only suggest you check the selling point if that sounds real and legitimate. Either in a gift shop or on a website, never fall for the lucrative offers that brag about their bracelets. Always check if they provide you with practical information on self-healing and meditation with the chakra bracelets.

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2. Seven Distinct Gemstones

natural order of stones on the chakra bracelet

A bracelet can’t be a chakra bracelet if it misses any one of the gemstones. According to the chakra points in your body, a chakra bracelet must hold 7 distinct stones. Reason?

Because they all vibrate at a different frequency range. If you’re into regular meditation, you might have noticed that your root chakra and third eye chakra senses differently, right!

If you own a bracelet with a repetitive or missing stone, you would end up disappointed. Or you might make a false perception of using the bracelet. You must also be wary of relevant stones that are exclusively meant for chakra bracelets. Because if you use the gemstones that are meant only for necklaces or rings, they won’t bring any benefits to you.

To know which stones are perfect for your chakra bracelet, find out here.

3. Natural Gemstones Have Natural Colors

difference between real and fake chakra stones

When you have a bracelet labeled with 7 distinct gemstones, it’s time to test the color. Many chakra bracelets are now altered or lab treated to give an additional luster. The enhanced color of the stones might seem attractive. But you never know the stones deceiving you with their eye-pleasing color.

So is there any way to really know what’s beneath the bracelet? Of Course, there is a way. We suggest you try these 2 simple color tests to figure out if your bracelet has genuine stones or dyed ones:

Look through the jeweler’s loupe

A good quality lens is your true companion if you want attention to the details. Light up your room and use your loupe to check each stone your bracelet holds. The synthetic ones are designed to give a perfect look to the crystals. If you don’t find any indications of blemishes and uneven colors, the chances are those stones aren’t natural.

Check The Color Marks on The Bracelet String

Lab-manufactured stones when woven into the string leaves color stains on the surface. So make sure if your newly purchased bracelet doesn’t have those unwanted blotches.

4. Look for the Aesthetics

Lapis Lazuli stone processing process

Now you’ve figured out the color tone and are sure about your bracelet! That is great.

But you aren’t done yet.

Sometimes colors may deceive you. But the built quality of each stone truly determines the authenticity. So hold your loupe again to carefully examine the shape and symmetry of the stones under proper lighting.

Are there any fractures or abrasions?

Make sure you have a professional-grade lens. Generally, jeweler’s loupe comes with 3-layered lenses. Also, mind the focal length! The longer the focal length, the weaker is the magnification. Gemstones take millions of years to form inside the rocks (geodes). And the real ones don’t leave any chipping or cracks on the surface.

5. Naming of The Bracelet Stones

Lastly, make sure you’re well informed about the names of each stone of the bracelet. If you’re about to place an order, check if the seller gives you the names of each stone. And by the name, I mean the standard name. Not something that sounds made up or gimmicky.

So beware of the bracelets with unlabelled or overly descriptive names. For example Stones such as Bohemian ruby and Oriental emerald can simply be named Rose quartz and Emerald respectively.

If you feel the names misleading or are not sure about it, check this link.

Besides the name, do thorough research if the website presents genuine information such as uses, benefits, etc.


Chakra bracelets make a wonderful gift for you and your loved ones. But when desires, feelings, and faith are real, then why compromise with the quality of the bracelet!

So this was our earnest effort to help you in making the right choices for your chakra bracelet. May you manifest true blessings in life.

Pritesh V.
Pritesh V.

Pritesh is an avid writer and spiritual explorer. He believes in the power of mediation and loves to connect with the spiritual geeks to help them discover the power of self-healing.

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  1. Annette

    I bought a chakra bracelet that had white stones holding seven colored lava stones. Did I waste my money on this, or can it be a true chakra barcelet without the gemstones?
    I’m a newbie, in case you couldn’t tell.

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