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How To Activate Chakra Bracelet To Work With Your Energy

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Activating the chakra bracelet isn’t magic. But the transformation it brings to our life might be magical. See, our life is driven by our desires, And our desires are fueled by inner energy. There are 7 chakra points in our body that govern this inner energy.

However, due to negative influences, our energy doesn’t remain consistent most of the time. This creates blockages that cause improper energy flow through chakra centers. Consequently, we start to feel physical and mental suffering.

When you activate the chakra bracelet, you attract health and harmony in your life. However, keep in mind that it doesn’t add anything that is not practical. Your intentions must match the bracelet’s natural ability.

5 Steps You Need To take Before You Activate The Chakra Bracelet

Activating your chakra bracelet is a sacred and meditative process. But it’s quite easy to perform. You don’t have to be an expert healer. However, you must know a few guidelines to perform the activation process.

1. Find Yourself a Quiet Place

At first, make sure that no one disturbs you. Getting bothered by someone can spoil the session. So choose the right time and place to perform the activation.

2.  Relax

To create the perfect alignment with chakra crystals, you need to bring yourself to an alpha state. Sit in a relaxing position and start taking deep breaths. You may chant mantras which is an ideal way to cleanse your body and mind. Listening to relaxing music, meditation, or the Tibetian singing bowl also works fine.

3. Take the bracelet in your hand

When you start feeling the calming sensations, it’s the right time to hold your bracelet. Try to feel subtle vibrations in your hand that establish a connection between you and the bracelet.

4. Feel The Energy

As you hold the bracelet, believe the healing energy within your body flows from the bottom of the spine towards your head. The natural flow of energy always starts from the Root or Muladhara chakra and completes at the Crown or Sahasrara chakra.

5. You’re Almost Done

You’re now almost ready to begin the activation. But before that, have a focussed state of mind and set your intentions. Immerse yourself in the thought that you’re completely in sync with the bracelet in your hand. Think as if the bracelet is part of your body.

Note: You must activate the bracelet only after cleansing and charging the stones.

Here’s What Happens When You Activate Chakra Bracelet

When you activate your bracelet, you develop a deep relationship with its stones and your inner self. You start to feel a change in your inner energy that was blocked by some resistance. Though you may use your bracelet without activating and cleansing. There is no harm or side effect at all.

However, you’ll feel random effects. The energy will be scattered rather than focussed. This means you may or may not achieve your goals depending on how your energy acts upon chakras.

Chakra bracelet carries gemstones that take an immense stretch of geologic time to get into their characteristics. Just like living beings, these stones have healing properties. They carry cosmic vibrations that align your chakras and guide you towards harmony.

Both matter and your thoughts are made of energy particles. While your body is a matter, your emotions and ideas are thoughts. Interestingly, your thoughts have a higher density of energy particles than your body. And due to the inability to control such enormous energy, people suffer. All chakras get unbalanced that creates chaos and pain.

But when you develop a certain pattern of energy, you learn to clear mental blocks and find yourself at peace. Therefore when you wear the bracelet after activation, each stone helps you to direct the energy and fulfill the purpose.

Activating your chakra bracelet

When it comes to activating the chakra bracelet, you might think if stones ever lose their energy. This is not true. Even after charging, the stones remain in a dormant condition. Means they’re in a sleepy state.

Just like a living being, you have to wake them up. They can’t sense and react to your words unless you bring them into consciousness. By activating, you’re enabling it to establish a spiritual connection. By activating, you’re invoking the vibration to communicate with you. So without further ado, let me explain to you how you can activate your chakra bracelet.

For activating the bracelet, start taking deep breaths while holding it within your palms (just like praying). Each stone maintains a certain frequency. So a cyclic rhythm of your inhale and exhale really helps to create a sync with your bracelet.

Simply continue this for a few minutes and you’re almost there with your activated bracelet. Now the time is ripe for you to put your true intentions in. Be very careful with what you would like your bracelet to help you with.

As your palms still enclose the bracelet, feel a subtle pulse of vibration emerging on your fingertips and rushing throughout your hands. Feel your depression and anxiety draining out of your body. Find yourself surrounded by a peaceful white light. Just hold as long as you feel comfortable with this state. Your bond gets deeper and deeper with each stone as they’re being activated.

By saying an activated bracelet, I mean you have actually reset the stones’ natural frequency in the right order. Isn’t that easy? You can now wear and harness the energy of this powerful chakra bracelet. With this true companion on your wrist, it’s time to turn your hopes into reality!

Programming The Bracelet During Activation

This is definitely not computer programming. But you may think of a bracelet as software that is programmed to do certain tasks. When you have a purpose in life, programming the bracelet can help you achieve your goals.

To fulfill that, it is important to clear the blockages that hinder the flow of energy through chakras. It’s always a good practice to have a written affirmation handy as you need to recite during the session. You can make a note something like this example:

I am completely at peace. I can see the chakras perfectly aligned. This chakra bracelet is helping me to focus on my goals. The chakra stones empower me with immense energy and help me to beat any type of stress.

You may want to activate all your chakras. Or maybe you want to correct a specific chakra that causes you very particular problems. For instance, you have issues with communication, willpower, shyness, or inability to make a deal at work. This means your solar plexus or Manipura chakra is misaligned and creates a barrier between your upper and lower body. Therefore to clear the roadblocks, you can express your intention as:

Please help me in bringing self-esteem and confidence in my life. Heal my inabilities by allowing the energy of transformation to flow through me.

Activating the bracelet for spiritual purposes

This is another way to harness the energy of chakra stones. As per your faith in any religion, you can connect with the higher consciousness by making affirmations as:

To Jesus/ Buddha, please shower your blessings in this bracelet so that every time I wear it, I follow the right path and remain protected from negative influence.

You may also use it for prayer to heal your loved ones. For eg. Allow me to manifest the immense power of the stones with the best intention to heal my loved ones. Whosoever bears you, may they wield the healing energy and stay in good health.

Recite the affirmations several times until you feel the vibes being absorbed completely into the chakra bracelet.

Activating Chakra Bracelet Q & A

How to activate your first chakra bracelet?

Firstly, you need to find a quiet place and sit in buddha mudra or meditative posture. Then you must concentrate to bring your focus to your intentions. When you achieve a meditative state, hold your first chakra bracelet. Visualize your intentions turning into reality. Speak out the affirmations or mantras several times and feel the energy being absorbed into the stones.

What is the shortcut to activate the bracelet?

There are no shortcut methods to activate the bracelet. Every good thing takes time and focuses to develop. For activating the bracelet, you must be able to reach the alpha state. Here you feel subtle vibrations throughout your body. However, this is not easy and needs patience. By performing meditation, you’ll develop patience and willpower that are essential to set your intentions while activating the bracelet.

What happens when you activate the chakra bracelet?

When you activate the chakra bracelet, it wields the positive vibrations. Each stone gets charged with its natural properties. Together, they help you to align your chakra centers and unblock the improper flow of energy. Using this bracelet helps you in spiritual upliftment, physical healing, and the manifestation of dreams.

Pritesh V.
Pritesh V.

Pritesh is an avid writer and spiritual explorer. He believes in the power of mediation and loves to connect with the spiritual geeks to help them discover the power of self-healing.

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