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How to Cleanse Chakra Bracelet in 5 Simple Ways

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Can you use a cell phone daily without charging? It’s impossible, right! The same applies to the chakra bracelet.

Frankly speaking, you would end up disappointed when you wear a newly purchased or already used bracelet.

It’s obvious. You won’t receive any healing energy. These stones have life energy of their own. And unless they’re cleaned or charged, you can’t get any benefit out of it.

Even if they’re claimed to be charged by a practitioner, you can’t take this for granted.

By the time it reaches your hand, the stones might already have lost their frequency or got contaminated with negative vibes.

Think as if you’re stress or want to get rid of bad memories. You simply cleanse yourself by meditation and practicing yoga, isn’t it!

So here, you’ll find five simple methods of cleansing and charging your chakra bracelet. Give it a try and unleash the real power of the healing stones.

5 Ways to Cleanse & Charge Your Chakra Bracelet

Cleansing Chakra Bracelet With Brown Rice

brown rice as a chakra bracelet cleanser

Brown rice is more than just a ration. It has a huge traditional significance in many cultures. And yes, it’s an ideal cleanser for your chakra bracelet.

Have you ever been to the rice fields? Oh, it’s so comforting and feels like your worries are being washed off. In the same way, you can draw out negative energy from your bracelet.

Just have a handful of brown rice in a bowl. Then simply bury your bracelet beneath the grains.

Time: Keep it buried for the whole day.

Note: The rice gets infused with impurity after use. So I suggest you throw them away.

Clenease The Chakra Bracelet With Help of Sage

cleanse healing crystals with sage

Sage or incense smokes are believed to purify the surrounding. And you know what, you can use it for smudging your bracelet. It’s just like you’re in a holy ritual enveloped in sweet floral smoke.

All you’ve to do is get some bundles of sage or palo santo and light them up at the tip. Now hold the bracelet on your other hand and gently waft through the smoke.

Make sure to keep your windows open to flush out the unwanted smoke.

Time: Smudge for around 1-2 minutes

Cleanser Stones As a Chakra Bracelet Charger

chakra bracelet laid on clear quartz

You don’t have to worry if you can’t get brown rice or sage around you. Stones like Quartz or Selenite are great for cleansing almost any stone. So you must carry at least one of them.

Seems to me if you want to know whether size matters! Well, you may use a single big stone or in pellets form, whichever suits you.
Now lay the bracelet with your cleanser stone in a glass bowl and leave them.

Time: 6 hours is enough but you may also leave them for a day.

You may wonder why cleanser stones. Because they contain harmonious vibrations that neutralize the negative energy but also amplify their healing properties.

Charging Under The Sun or Moonlight

chakra bracelet charging under the sun light

Can you charge your bracelet without having ritualistic accessories? Of Course, you can.

You know that both Sun and Moon have scientific and spiritual significance.

So when you charge your bracelet under the sunlight, it receives a burst of energy. It breaks down all the negative energies instantly. But never expose under the scorching sun. Never! Always do it during the sunrise.

That’s not the case with the Moon because it doesn’t induce instant energy. During the Full Moon, just leave it for the whole night to receive deeper penetration of energy.
It’s completely okay if you charge using both methods. But be careful with the cloudy weather.

Time: 15 – 20 minutes is enough if you’re charging under the sunlight.

Charging Chakra Bracelet With Healthy Frequencies

Tibetan singing bowl as a crystal cleanser

If you’ve no idea how the power of sound could heal you, you’re probably living under a rock. One such example is a Tibetan singing bowl. Now you might think what’s so special about this metal bowl?

Because it produces a healing wave of sound. Let me explain to you in brief.

When you rub a mallet against the rim of the bowl in a circular motion, it emits a particular frequency. During the process, you’ll feel a subtle sensation as if you’re enveloped within the wave.

And as you continue, place your bracelet near the bowl. Not only the sound retunes the frequency of your bracelet but cleanses inharmonic energy in your surrounding.

Time: Around 10 minutes long session is enough.

Pritesh V.
Pritesh V.

Pritesh is an avid writer and spiritual explorer. He believes in the power of mediation and loves to connect with the spiritual geeks to help them discover the power of self-healing.

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