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Citrine Tree Meaning, Benefits & Placements

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How does an ideal sunrise feel like? Revitalizing, isn’t it!

That’s how you feel when you see through a Citrine stone under the light. A beautiful beam of golden rays.

But what about the scorching sun? Does it feel revitalizing or you look for some shed?

You know it, right!

The citrine tree brings you the same sensation.

Also known as the Citrine tree of abundance, it conjures metaphysical energy that could bring steady financial profits. The tree, however, signifies a protection aid from unwanted energy around your space.

In this article, we’re going to unleash the curiosity you have for the Citrine tree, you will get to know everything about the citrine money tree meaning, its placements (according to Feng Shui), and the incredible benefits it could bring to your life. So sit tight.

What is a Citrine Tree Good For?

Feng shui Crystal Tree Creates The Path to Wealth And Abundance

The citrine tree is good for self-growth, luck, and emotional balance. A tree is a symbol of life and Citrine is known for abundance. And together, they attract strong healing energies.

Any untoward happenings bring sorrow and misery. And Feng Shui is believed to curb such mishappenings.

Citrine crystal has significant importance in Feng Shui because of its ability to attract abundance in unexpected ways.

Therefore, in many Asian cultures, the stone is recognized for windfall luck.

Your personal space always has a direct or indirect influence on you. Because of unseen forces like energy or vibrations, you either express happiness or stress. These forces are always with you, no matter where you move or stay.

You only wish to feel the prolonged presence of positive energy. But at times, you experience a trail of suffering and unending misery.

A wanderer appears relieved from the scorching sun when he/she finds shelter under a tree. Similarly, this Citrine-embedded tree serves you as an instrument of manifestation and protection.

You can use this Citrine tree as home/office decor, hang it up with your apparel, or simply carry it within your purse. It also makes a great present for your loved ones.

In western culture, couples on their 13th and 17th wedding anniversary share amulets or rings of Citrine. It is considered an ideal gift during the occasion.

How to Use Citrine Stone To Attract Money?

how to use citrine stone to attract money

For ages, Citrine has been used by merchants, traders, and healers as a symbol of luck and prosperity. And now you can also maneuver the forces in your favor.

Not everyone owns a gemstone. But those who possess Citrine are said to have attracted money.

What you need to understand is that wealth doesn’t come to you by magic. There is, however, the law of nature or say the vibrational forces around you. And by using Citrine stone in certain ways, you can allow wealth to knock at your door anytime!

If you do not see great riches in your imagination, you’ll never see them in your bank balance.

– Napoleon Hill

Citrine stone when combined with chakra meditation brings you the realization of wealth secretly held within you.

During the process, you have to work on your “solar plexus” chakra.

But why solar plexus?

Because when the chakra is unbalanced, you experience stagnation, lack of purpose, or willpower that could keep wealth from you.

Also, the fact that the aural color of the solar plexus aligns well with the Citrine which makes it an ideal stone for use.

Working on it purposefully not only clears the energy blockages but paves the way for wealth. It guides you to make the right choices that could bring forth intellectual and financial benefits.

Another way to use Citrine stone to attract money is by programming the stone. That means you set your true intentions within the stone that helps you achieve your financial goals. You can also recite a mantra or affirmation to specify your intentions. For example,

I am open and receptive to all the wealth life offers me.

I release every block that holds me back from receiving prosperity.

I am aligned with the energy of wealth and abundance.

If you’re a Feng Shui practitioner, Citrine could make a great tool for your wealth attainment. As per Classical Bagua tradition, it requires you to put the crystal in your money area to manifest the benefits. As you go through the article, you’ll learn about Feng Shui placement.

The Meaning of Citrine Tree

citrine tree of life and its meaning

Having a Citrine tree means having a traditional ornament of success and wealth. The citrine tree isn’t just an ornament but a way of embracing a life full of success and opportunities. It also means to develop a sense that wonders can happen and allows your best-kept wishes to turn into reality.

Talking about the aesthetics, the tree is beautifully crafted by gem artisans that truly depicts its purpose. Made from untreated and natural rock, Citrine stones are sculpted in the form of chips to represent the leaves of the tree.

By now, you might think why a tree? Why not just a rock of Citrine?

That’s because worshipping certain trees in Asia is a customary practice. For ages, worshipping trees is considered a sacred ritual for better health and wealth.

Even today, believers in China, Hong Kong, Tibet follow wish tree rituals where they toss red incantation papers inscribed with their wishes and prayers near the tree.

wish tree tradition

Therefore, the Citrine tree here replicates the grounding energies of the tree. The Citrine tree sets a constant reminder that you can grow and prosper like a tree. It helps you plant an idea of abundance when you focus with clear intent. The idea is to attract as much wealth as leaves on a tree that you won’t bother to count them all.

Of course, why would you count something more than enough?

You stay protected from the harshness of the Sun and just enjoy being under the shed of the tree of life. You spend less time worrying and more on living your life to the fullest.

Just like leaves, branches convey a unique message for a prosperous life.

You see, the wired branches spread upward and in every direction. A simple representation of our true potential that through the right actions, we can grow as an ideal human. They trace not one but multiple ways of achieving wealth and success.

And when you realize you’re attracting abundance, you need to keep the wheel running. That’s where the trunk has its importance. It’s a symbol of self-support and persistence. It keeps you rooted with limitless grounding energy.

Overall, they represent the energetic pathways in your body diverging outward and returning to the source. A beautiful radiant blooming tree that perfectly compliments your home/office décor. And more than that, it compliments your bank balance.

But remember that the Citrine money tree isn’t all about money. It’s about the values that bring you closer to the resourceful people and the right opportunities. Whether you’re into entrepreneurship, investments, stock market, crowdfunding, etc., you learn to attract abundance. It just feels great being a money magnet.

Citrine Tree
Attract Wealth & Abundance With This Citrine Tree Ornament.

5 Benefits of Citrine Tree That You Will Appreciate

Citrine benefits in Feng Shui

The benefits of having a Citrine tree are just immeasurable. With a Citrine stone, you allow the vibrations to work in your favor. Be it a merchant or a healer, they all possess and appreciate this fortune provider. Not only does it make a beautiful art piece, but helps you manifest a changed lifestyle. Readout how:

1. In Feng Shui Practice

In Feng Shui tradition, the Citrine tree is believed to amplify the resonating energy held within the stone. As per Western or BTB feng shui school, the upper left part of the map resembles wealth and prosperity. And by placing a Citrine tree in that particular corner of your home, you’re enabling the forces to attract money. It’s just like a lighthouse guiding the boats to reach their destination.

Citrine is also well known to develop creativity, fame, career, and relationships. You just have to follow the positions as mentioned in the Bagua map. Besides Feng Shui, Citrine is also known to have astrological aspects. As per Vedic astrology, Citrine can help you with stringent financial life and brings stability to wealth. The radiant yellowish color resembles positivity and also a sacred color in many cultures.

2. Affordability & Maintenance

Citrine carries unique metaphysical qualities, unlike any other crystals. Not only is it an inexpensive stone but requires almost no maintenance.

Guess what! It doesn’t need to be charged, because it doesn’t absorb or accumulate negative energy. Rather, it transmutes the energy vulnerable to the surroundings. It acts as a catalyst as negative vibrations get transformed into positive energy.

3. Spiritual Benefits

Talking about spiritual significance, Citrine is one of the ancient stones that can drive powerful cosmic energy. Almost every one of us suffers from long-held memories of harassment, depression, fear, or anxiety.

These ill impressions in your mind suck away your creativity, healthfulness, and overall energy.

But thanks to the cleansing ability of Citrine. It helps you to detoxify those impressions and connects you to the true spiritual self.

It also spreads its energy field or aura as a shield to ward off bad karma or influence of any person.

4. Crystal Tree Benefits in Meditation

While meditating, use this gemstone to balance your chakra. Especially, it activates your solar plexus chakra and stimulates your ethereal body to better heal your physical body. It removes any energy blockages and balances your yin-yang energy.

And when you achieve a balanced and clear mind, nothing could stop you from your goals. No hesitation, no self-doubt, and no procrastination. You can find yourself flexible yet strong against any adversities that once hold you back.

5. Reduces Stagnant Atmosphere

The citrine tree breathes new life into the living room or the office.

Do you know how often your living/ working space gets accumulated?

No, this isn’t about the room freshener!

Many people enter, stay and exit a space. And these activities create an energy saturation that in turn makes the surrounding stagnant.

This may create an uneasiness among guests or maybe employees to stay there for long. The powerful frequency of Citrine, however, removes any stale energy and gives a cozy and clean ambiance.

Citrine Money Tree Placement According to Feng Shui Practice

citrine money tree placed in money area

It’s indeed a good choice when you get one of the trees for your home or office.  But hold on!

Many a time, we hear about the tree being placed in the wrong position. As a result, the forces that are supposed to act in your favor might contradict your intentions. And you may end up with undesirable outcomes. Citrine is powerful but sensitive to the placement when it comes to the Feng Shui Bagua map.

According to BTB (Black Sect Tantric Buddhist) Feng Shui school, our living space is depicted as a Bagua map. It’s a map prescribed with 9 energy centers in a particular order. Each of the centers holds potent energy that works according to Feng Shui principles.

Now if your intentions are focused on a profitable business but your tree rests in the ‘Relationship’ area of the map, that is not going to work. You must abide by the correct use of energy fields in Feng Shui practices.

So Where To Place The Feng Shui Crystal Tree?

If you intend to have a stable financial life or good sales in business, place it in the south-east area of the Bagua map.

This placement creates a balance and fosters harmonious frequency with the Citrine tree. And this allows the tree to connect to the consciousness of your living space.

Where To Buy a Citrine Tree?

Buying a Citrine tree could be a contesting effort unless you reside nearby a crystal shop. Gone are the days when people could earn a feeling of satisfaction while buying from the shops. But seeing the sketchy online businesses today, you might be asking exactly where to buy a natural Citrine tree!

Well, we don’t consider it good karma to review the credibility of any website. But what we can help you with is to make assured purchases of the Citrine tree. Firstly, you should observe the customer reviews.

Are they genuine or just the scripted ones?

Then check if the tree is reasonably priced. You may find the synthetic or dyed ones in the thrift shops for dirt cheap prices. So beware!

Also, notice if you’re not falling for their fake selling point! Almost every online business is trying to sell anyhow.

Always look for safe sites that educate you about the crystals and provide genuine information about healing. Check if all the citrine stones on the tree reflect a color gradient. That means natural Citrine stones have mixed proportions of yellow-orange color. The same color simply means they’re dyed, heat-treated, or synthetic ones.


So far, you learned how to use the Citrine tree to attract the benefits you’ve always desired.

Not only does it give a sophisticated appearance to your home decor, but allows you to attract a sophisticated lifestyle.

Thinking about getting one of the trees for yourself?

First, take a moment to quiet your mind and observe what’s currently missing around you!

What would your life be like when you get rid of blockages holding you back?

When you’re blessed with wealth and abundance, you’ll always be thankful for the choices you’ve made. So make hay while the sun shines!

Pritesh V.
Pritesh V.

Pritesh is an avid writer and spiritual explorer. He believes in the power of mediation and loves to connect with the spiritual geeks to help them discover the power of self-healing.

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