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Chakra Stone’s Meanings, Benefits, & How To Select The Right One

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Introduction | Stone Chart | What Are Chakra Stones| Chakra Stones Set | How to Use Chakra Stones | Cleansing | Charging | Activating | Chakra Stone Meditation | Meaning | Chakra Stone Symbol Meaning | Placement | How Do Chakra Stones Work | How To Choose Chakra Stones | Chakra Stone Benefits | Q & A

Introduction to Chakra Stones

The chakra system is an ancient depiction of the 7 energy centers in your body. They all function at different vibrations with different purposes. But oftentimes, they lose their ability to harness spiritual energy. That’s where chakra stones bring a balance by realigning their energy centers.

So what makes chakra stones special?

Self-healing with stones is truly a rewarding experience – only if you’ve chosen the stones that perfectly suit you. You just can’t use the same set of stones for both root chakra and crown chakra.

Now even though you’ve selected all the stones right, do you have the proper discipline to use them?

So before I begin to explore the meaning of chakra stones, know this first.

Chakra stones were an indispensable part of ancient civilizations. But today, most people couldn’t access the gifts their life beholds for them.

Because living with materialistic pleasures is one reason. But also the little-talked knowledge of manifestation and healing abilities of stones.

In this guide, you’re going to learn everything you want to know about these wonderful stones and the right way to use, choose and place them. And believe me, you’re almost there to unlock the spiritual mysteries of your life!

Chakra Stone Chart

With that being said, let’s take a look at the chakra stone chart to get familiar with the names of the crystals for each of the 7 chakras.

hakra stones chart

What Are Chakra Stones?

Chakra stone is a relic of the Earth that is an active source of metaphysical energy.  The energy that can heal your chakras.

Now if you ask a mineralogist or researcher, these stones are just a wonderful mixture of minerals having well-organized symmetry. But crystal healers see them differently, they see them as a tool of manifestation.

Chakra stones have been a cornerstone of many civilizations. As jewelry, they add beauty to your fashion.  As a Feng shui, they make attractive home decor. And as chakra stones, they aid in physical and mental healing.

chakra stones graphic

Either way, these stones influence your energy field. Now you might have heard some science heads being critical about the metascience of crystals.

But on the other hand, you can’t deny the rich mention of crystals in historical scriptures and many religious books. See, our lives depend on both visible and invisible forces.

But what’s invisible doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Do you think there’s any scientific way of measuring your faith or feelings? Or any way to track happening or mishappenings in life?

Exactly, that pretty much explains what chakra stones are all about – Sacred healing, attracting wellness, and spiritual expansion.  Your emotions and inner expressions are associated with your 7 chakra points.

And working with the crystals can affect the way your chakras function. I guess you know how these chakras work, right!

So what are 7 chakra stones?7 chakra stones on wooden plate7 chakra stones are a set of healing crystals used mainly in meditation, fashion, and feng shui. Because of the variations in frequencies, they’re classified into 7 energy spheres on your body.

Chakra stones differ and resemble common properties with each other. Based on the formation, geometrical pattern, and color, they have both high and low intensity of frequencies. And these vibrations have been there ever since these stones took the crystalline form.

By now, you might have questions like, “what chakra stones do I need?” or “Which stones to use as chakra stones?” In the following section, I’ll break down that in a minute.

Jump into

  1. Root Chakra stones
  2. Sacral Chakra Stones
  3. Solar Plexus Chakra Stones
  4. Heart Chakra Stones
  5. Throat Chakra Stones
  6. Third Eye Chakra Stones
  7. Crown Chakra Stones

Root Chakra Stones

root chakra stones Stones for the Root chakra: Red Jasper, Brown Jasper, Smoky Quartz, Cuprite, Mahogany, Hematite, Obsidian, Tourmaline, Ruby, Bloodstone, Rhodonite, and Garnet

Meaning: The root chakra stones help in grounding energy, physical strength, and a sense of security.

Colors: Red, black, brown Body area governed by Root chakra stones: At the bottom of your spine.

Sacral Chakra Stones

best stones for sacral chakra Stones for the Sacral Chakra: Carnelian, Red Jasper, Snowflake Obsidian, Orange Calcite, Sunstone, Coral, and Unakite.

Meaning: These stones control instinctual desires, enhance sexuality and creativity.

Colors: orange, golden, or red-orange color Body area governed by Sacral chakra stones: Below your navel

Solar Plexus Chakra

solar plexus chakra stones Stones for the Solar plexus chakra: Yellow Calcite, Tiger’s Eye, Citrine, Golden Mookaite, Amber, smoky quartz, Pyrite, Golden Quartz, Rutilated Quartz, Apatite, and Topaz

Meaning: They’re known for managing personal power, self-confidence, and gut feeling.

Colors: golden and yellow color Body area governed by Solar plexus chakra stones: Stomach area:

Heart Chakra Stones

stones for heart chakra healing Stones for the heart chakra: Rose quartz, Aventurine, kunzite, rhodochrosite, rhodonite, pink tourmaline, amazonite, emerald, malachite, peridot, dioptase

Meaning: They create balance in your relationships and emotional well-being. Also, link your material desires to spiritual attainment.

Colors: Both pink and green colors Body area governed by Heart chakra stones: Heart area

Throat Chakra Stones

throat chakra stones Stones for the Throat Chakra: Turquoise, aquamarine, blue lace agate, celestite, blue topaz, blue tourmaline, sodalite, blue chalcedony, and dumortierite.

Meaning: It helps to translate your thoughts into speech and improves your ability to understand and be understood well.

Colors: Turquoise and blue Body area governed by Throat chakra stones: Base of the throat

Third Eye Chakra

third eye chakra stones Stones for the Third eye chakra: Lapis Lazuli, Sapphire, Celestite, Labradorite, Fluorite, Sodalite, Obsidian, Apophyllite, Kunzite, Arfvedsonite, Blue Aragonite, Hypersthene, Cordierite, and Azurite

Meaning: It opens the door to higher perception, imagination, and connection with the universal consciousness.

Colors: White, Blue, purple, or transparent Body area governed by Third eye chakra stones: Center of the forehead (slightly above the top line of the eyebrows).

Crown Chakra

crown chakra stones Stones for the Crown chakra: Amethyst, Purple Fluorite, selenite, clear quartz, diamond, white agate, lepidolite, Indigo Gabbro, scolecite, rutilated quartz, clear apophyllite, clear calcite, sugilite, and charoite.

Meaning: These stones can help you achieve a heightened state of consciousness, truthfulness, and self-realization.

Colors: Generally white and purple but few other colors are also used Body area governed by Sacral chakra stones: At the crown or uppermost part of your head.

Chakra Stone Set

Experience a more balanced and empowered life with this chakra crystal set designed to harmonize your energy and cleanse the energy blockages within your body.

This chakra stone set contains hand-picked stones and crystals to help you dive into the world of chakra healing and feel the energy of each stone by yourself.

chakra stone set and chakra bracelet
chakra stone set and hexagonal prism

Here’s what it’s included in our chakra stone set.

  • Amethyst
  • Rose Quartz
  • Clear quartz
  • Red jasper
  • Citrine
  • Avanturine
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • wooden box

But that’s not all…

You’ll get a chakra pendulum or chakra bracelet as a gift if you order this complete set today.

How To Use Chakra Stones

How do you think you can use chakra stones if received right now?

Maybe as jewelry or a necklace. Or as a tool in Reiki or Crystal grids. Perhaps a home decor. And.. How about Feng shui amulets?

Hmm.. too many uses with the same stones. Awesome isn’t it!

Whatever the purpose might be, using your first chakra stone shouldn’t be a complicated process. It’s an art when it comes to using in self-healing. Don’t worry if you’ve never been into crystal healing. Believe me, it’s quite easy.

All you need is to follow a few easy steps as explained in this article. But always remember that there is no room for healing with a closed mind.

And you just can’t leave it for the crystals alone to do all the work. Using chakra stones is like taking care of a plant that would yield fruits when the time is ripe. So it’s all about your patience and discipline with the chakra stones.

Now if you’re done with choosing your crystals, you’re good to go ahead. Knowing the type of crystals to use for specific purposes is only the first step in self-healing.

illustration of a man wearing chakra stone necklace and bracelet

But a big part of using them includes:

woman holding 7 chakra stones in her hand

  • Preparing for cleansing, charging, and programming
  • Preparing your mind to set your true intentions
  • Regular working out and maintaining a routine with your crystals
  • Most importantly, leaving no room for doubts but having a feeling of completeness

Using crystals is all about letting yourself surrender to your intentions. But understand this, you’re the only one to sense the feeling of accomplishment. No second-person should tell you if something is working out or not; unless you really need to seek out a professional energy healer.

An expert healer has a better understanding of crystals. With his or her help, you can speed up the process of using the crystals with precision and reap the benefits.

Can’t find a healer around you? Don’t worry.

If you can find enough time to educate yourself about crystals and to use them effectively, you may not need a healer. Believe me, you can use it yourself.

We generally hear that the only people who don’t find them useful are those who don’t keep up with the discipline.

Alright, let’s talk about how you’re going to use them.

woman holding 7 chakra stones in her hand

Make a list of crystals you’ve purchased and give each of the 3 days to settle into your body’s energy. Use them with corresponding chakra points and observe how you feel physically, spiritually, and emotionally. You may find some stones that induce subtle vibrations and some with no effect. And that’s okay.

Using specific stones differs from person to person, just like fingerprints. Some stones that suit you may not work for others and vice versa.

Next up, you may wear one stone for an extended period of time. Or perhaps you can wear multiple crystals at a time. But hold on!

You should avoid wearing the same stone twice or two different stones that resemble the same chakra. For example, either Amethyst or Quartz is effective for Crown chakra and it’s not a good idea to wear both of them.

Ideally, wearing up to 7 stones for 7 respective chakras is considered beneficial for optimum healing. And if you’re a beginner and using 7 stones seems intimidating, don’t worry!

Better get started with one or two stones. And as you get used to its energy, you may add up more stones.

You may also maintain a crystal journal especially when you’re starting out. It’s a great way to record your impressions over time. For example, journaling can be helpful to figure out different experiences with crystals and for the purpose, you’re using them.

Chakra stones cleansing

The very first step after you purchase your chakra stones is cleansing. Why do you need to cleanse your stones? Because their frequency is sensitive.

No doubt, when the stones are mined, they carry the purest form of stable energy. But once they get into human hands, they’re contaminated. And imagine the way these stones are stored and shipped together such that they get under the influence of each other.

That’s why it’s very important to get the stability back before using them. This means restoring the stones’ natural frequency. And to do so, you need to follow these proven yet simple ways to cleanse your chakra stones.

process of cleansing chakra stones

1. Smudging method

cleanse healing crystals with sage

You need a bundle of any of these plant items – sage, palo santo, cedarwood, sandalwood, or their combination. Light up the bundle and waft it around the bowl of stones. Let the stones fully smoke bathe for about 5 minutes.

2. Brown rice bowls

brown rice as a chakra bracelet cleanser

Traditionally, brown rice is an aura cleanser and also a room cleanser in many Eastern cultures. And burying your crystals with brown rice is a good old method for cleansing. So keep them buried for the whole day. Quartz and Selenite don’t get contaminated easily.

And they carry unruffled harmonious vibrations such that they can serve as a cleanser to almost any stone. Here, you just need to place them with your stones in a glass bowl and leave them for a day.

How to charge chakra stones

We often hear people using the term cleansing interchangeably with charging the stones. But they’re different. In order to charge chakra stones, you need to get your stones cleansed.

For some, charging the stones may not be a priority. But when you charge your stones after cleansing, you’re allowing the cosmic vibrations to amplify the frequency of the stones. Here are few simple steps to charge chakra stones:

1. Charging under Sun and Moon

chakra bracelet charging under the sun light

Charging the stones under the Sun gives it a burst of energy. Whereas the Moonlight radiates subtle energy that helps in deeper penetration of the cosmic vibrations.

You may leave your stones under the moon overnight. But never expose them under the scorching sun. The best time to charge under the Sun is during the morning hours – for about 10 minutes.

2. Charging under the eclipse

There is a spiritual belief that Solar or Lunar eclipse can have dramatic shifts of change. And if you’re looking for a transformational change in your life, you may try out charging under the eclipse.

Before the eclipse, find an open space where you can place your cleansed stones. Light a few white candles and place them around the stones. During the eclipse, express the intentions you want to manifest and hold onto it for 5 – 10 minutes.

3. Sound bathe

Tibetan singing bowl as a crystal cleanser

Tibetan bowl produces a uniform sound wave of high frequency that induces healing effects in the body. And you can use the same frequency wave to charge your stones.

When you rub a mallet against the rim of the bowl in a circular motion, it emits particular sound energy. You can feel a subtle sensation as if you’re enveloped within the wave.

And as you continue, place your stones near the bowl. The sound waves not only amplifies the frequency of your stones but cleanse inharmonic energy in your surroundings.

How To Activate Chakra Stones?

Call it a spiritual wonder or a phenomenon of science, the crystalline nature of the chakra stones carries metaphysical energy.

This energy not only heals but can hold affirmations in the form of vibrations. Do you mean record? Umm.. not exactly but something like that.

Activating the chakra stones means you’re getting them ready for any spiritual practices you’re going to perform.

And for that, you need to set the intentions you want to manifest. So when you’re done with cleansing and charging the stones, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Prepare yourself in a silent place and completely relax your mind.
  • Step2: Organize your thoughts or affirmations on a piece of paper.
  • Step3: Hold the Chakra stones and completely immerse yourself in the feeling as if you’re communicating with a conscious being.
  • Step 4: Visualize the healing energy of crystals syncing with your chakra centers in the form of impulses as it rises from the bottom of the spine (Root chakra) towards the top of your head (Crown chakra).
  • Step 5: Speak out the affirmations or mantras several times and feel the energy being absorbed into the stones.

Meditation With Chakra Stones

Although there is no scientific evidence, chakra stones are believed to aid meditation. But it’s not as straightforward as simply picking up and using the stones. 

In order to use them effectively, you really need to set a discipline. One of such disciplines is healing meditation with crystals

There are few steps you need to follow in order to start meditation using chakra stones.

Let me quickly explain to you the whole process.

Lie on your back or stomach. Place the stones according to the chakra points on the body. Close your eyes and visualize the color of the chakra one at a time. As you go through each of your chakras, feel the pulsating sensations on each chakra point.

Once it’s done, feel the flow of energy moving freely throughout your body.

Now if you have ever thought about practicing Reiki with crystals, don’t hesitate to try. This Japanese technique of using crystals is a modern method of meditation and quite rewarding if you maintain the routine.

First, you need to place the stone on the table. Now rest your hands over it and visualize as if you’re harnessing the pure vibrations of the stones. Try out with each stone and focus on the key chakra points you want to heal. You can then hold them in your hands and do the same.

And if you have essential oils, feel free to apply them on crystals before use. Your meditation experience will not just be blissful but quite aromatic, as if you’re in a flower garden.

Isn’t this so simple!

Now there is one more way of practicing chakra stones meditation – using a Tibetan singing bowl. You may need an assist but the experience is going to bring you a sense of being in the serene Tibetan hills.

Chakra stones meaning

7 chakra stones and their symbols

Chakra stone is a sacred tool of manifestation. It is a means to rebalance your chakra energies. Probably you’ve seen some women wearing a beautiful crystal necklace. Or you might have heard in yoga classes. There is something extraordinary about the meaning of chakra stones.

They are ancient relics of the Earth that took millions of years to form.

And because of their uniform mineral composition and properties, they possess pure and stable vibrations.

Some naysayers often develop false theories around the crystals such as pseudoscience. But that isn’t true. It’s even wrong to define stones under medicine.

Also, there’s nothing like the powerful magical crystals as shown in the fairytale movies.

Rather, they reflect the nature of the metaphysical world. And it won’t be wrong to call it spiritual science. What do you think?

Anyways, this debate is not important. What matters here the most is the real meaning of chakra stones.

Everything in the Universe holds unique vibrational forces. And we’re not exceptions. A person who is kind, energetic, and passionate carries balanced vibrations. On the other hand, people with lower vibrations radiate anxiety, envy, and chaos.

You can’t see or measure such vibrations. You never know how some incidents can affect your perception and consciousness of everything around you.

And this is the reason chakra stones mean so much to you.

No, these stones aren’t scientific tools or any medical prescription.

But yes, they’re a consistent reminder to surround yourself with its pure energy whenever you’re at unease.

Chakras are the swirling energy centers that maintain the flow of energy.

And chakra stones closely resemble each center in your body.

Your chosen stones not just help to clear the chakra blocks but let you channelize the healing abilities throughout your body.

And when that happens, you understand the meaning of chakra stones. You learn that your true belief and abilities were always within you but hidden because of bad worldly experiences.

Let’s understand more about these stones in terms of color, chakra types, and their symbols.

Chakra stone meanings and colors

7 chakra stones and rainbow colors

What does color have to do with our choices?

Humans are gifted with the ability to figure out a wide spectrum of colors. We all have emotions or experiences attached to a particular set of colors. And that special attachment is apparent when you pick your chakra stones.

There’s something in your subconscious mind that triggers thousands of thoughts before making a choice. And initially, your choice is for the colors rather than the stones.

So the question is what does color have to do with the chakra stones?

If you know the science, crystals get their characteristic colors because of different compositions of minerals and compounds.

And our body is represented with different colors of the visible spectrum depending on certain aspects. For example, there are seven colors based on the chakra points and twelve or more colors based on the aura.

illustration of aura body

And based on different vibrations, these colors are closely associated with the colors of the stones. Therefore, this makes it familiar and easier to select your stones.

Here’s a list of colors that associate the fundamental properties of stones with your body’s energy:

  • Black and Dark brown – Grounding and stabilized energy
  • Red, Yellow, and orange – Stimulating the body both physically and emotionally
  • Green and Pink – Feelings and control
  • Blue – Self-expression, focus, intuition, and consciousness
  • Purple – Deeper states of meditation and sleep
  • White and transparent – Connection with the spirituality

NOTE: Although the color gives you a clue to its closeness with chakra’s properties, there are exceptions such as stones based on horoscope, birth date, or cultural significance.

Chakra stones symbol meaning

There is a deep meaning behind the Chakra stones symbols. As per Vedas, the reason behind their significance is to bring spiritual awareness.

These symbols are pretty useful when you’re practicing meditation or chakra healing. No matter if you gaze at them or see through your mind’s eye.

And if you’re a beginner, this would be extremely helpful as a reminder or self-guide to balance your chakras.

Before we go further, take a note that there is this one common circular shape in them. Can you guess why?

That’s because the circle represents energy that can neither be created nor destroyed – the infinite energy of the Universe. And we all are connected to this divine source of energy.

Symbols are powerful because they are the visible signs of invisible realities. -Saint Augustine

chakra stones and 7 chakra sybmols

Now, let’s take a look at the 7 chakra stones symbols and their meanings:

  1. Root Chakra Symbol Meaning
  2. Sacral Chakra Symbol Meaning
  3. Solar plexus Chakra Symbol Meaning
  4. Heart Chakra Symbol Meaning
  5. Throat Chakra Symbol Meaning
  6. Third Eye Chakra Symbol Meaning
  7. Crown Chakra Symbol Meaning

Root chakra symbol

The inverted triangle represents the funnel that draws in the grounding energy from the cosmos. The energy is then grounded as a seed that grows into a tree-like upward moving triangle. The square represents the basic geometrical shape that governs stability and balance. And the petals mean four states of a psyche: Mind, Intellect, Consciousness, and Ego.

Sacral chakra symbol

sacral chakra symbol and its meaningThe circles connected with six petals represent the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.

The six petals are the six emotions that an active sacral chakra can control:  anger, cruelty, desire, hatred, jealousy, and pride.

And the concentric circles forming a crescent shape represent consistency and never-ending change.

Solar plexus chakra symbol

solar plexus chakra symbol and its meaning The triangle pointing downwards represents the concentrated energy of lower chakras that spreads upwards to influence higher chakras.

It is the symbol of growth and development. The petals surrounding the circle show 10 Pranas or vital forces that exist in the form of energy currents.

Heart chakra symbol

heart chakra symbol and its meaning The star symbol or intersecting opposite triangles represent the epicenter of the chakras as it connects upper and lower chakras (balance between material attainment and spirituality).

And the hexagram so formed symbolizes the union of male and female energies. The 12 petals reflect 12 emotional qualities such as love, peace, harmony, understanding, clarity, empathy, compassion, kindness, forgiveness, bliss, purity, and unity.

Throat chakra symbol

throat chakra symbol and its meaning The symbol is the realization of self-expression and its connection with the higher self. It opens the gateway to clarity in speech and thinking.

The circle enclosed within the triangle represents a full moon which represents purity. The sixteen petals symbolize 16 vowels of Sanskrit that enable clear communication with the inner self as well as others.

Third Eye chakra symbol

third eye chakra symbol and its meaning Here, the inverted triangle appears for the last time which represents the final stage of connectivity with the Crown chakra.

It represents the carrier of all the knowledge from the rest of the chakras that is going to expand to the higher consciousness.

The two petals give the sense of the presence of self-consciousness and divine consciousness (God) that can only be realized in the Crown state.

Crown chakra symbol

crown chakra symbol and its meaning The circle represents the full moon which means full access to the divine source. A thousand petals symbolize the blossoming lotus of knowledge and the sense of completeness.

Now to understand the 7 chakra stones’ meaning, you should be aware of your chakra centers. Only then, these stones can drive a vital life force throughout the 7 energy wheels.

Now let’s take a look at my pick of best stones for each of 7 chakras,

Best Chakra Stones

  1. Best Stones For Root Chakra
  2. Best Stones For Sacral Chakra
  3. Best Stones For Solar plexus Chakra
  4. Best Stones For Heart Chakra
  5. Best Stones For Throat Chakra
  6. Best Stones For Third Eye Chakra
  7. Best Stones For Crown Chakra

Best stones for Root Chakra

root chakra affirmation and five root chakra stones

Red Jasper, Black Obsidian, Bloodstone, Tourmaline, Carnelian

Root Chakra stone meaning: To bring emotional stability and develop grounding energy.

Best stones for Sacral Chakra

sacral chakra affirmation and five sacral chakra stones

Amber Resin, Tiger Eye, Carnelian, Orange Calcite, Sunstone

Sacral Chakra stone meaning: To encourage creativity and bring awareness to sexuality.

Best stones for Solar Plexus Chakra

solar plexus chakra affirmation and five stones for solar plexus chakra healing

Tiger Eye, Citrine, Topaz, Heliolite, Yellow Jasper

Solar Plexus Chakra stone meaning: To manifest abundance and boost confidence in life.

Best stones for Heart Chakra

heart chakra affirmation and five best stones for heart chakra

Aventurine, Amazonite, Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, Malachite

Heart Chakra stone meaning: To attract opportunities, luck, and healthy relationships.

Best stones for Throat Chakra

throat chakra affirmation and top five throat chakra stones

Turquoise, Angelite, Sodalite, Aquamarine, Azurite

Throat Chakra stone meaning: To bring self-acceptance, openness, and truthfulness in life.

Best stones for Third Eye Chakra

third eye chakra affirmation and five stones for balancing third eye chakra

Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Angelite, Sodalite, Clear Quartz

Third Eye Chakra stone meaning: To enable deep intuition, clarity, and imagination.

Best stones for Crown Chakra

crown chakra affirmation and five crown chakra stones

Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Moonstone, Lepidolite, Howlite

Crown Chakra stone meaning: To connect to the universal intelligence and heighten spiritual growth.

See, nothing remains balanced forever. Your chakras often become hyperactive, blocked, or weakened. And it’s not your fault.

But nothing to worry dear!

You can always overcome and rebalance your chakras with the much-needed equilibrium. And you can achieve that equilibrium when you know the meaning and stones associated with each of your chakras.

Because that’s what having 7 chakra stones means to you – to keep worries at bay.

Chakra stones placement

You just can’t readily use the chakra stones once you’re done selecting them. Wouldn’t you think about the placements?

Chakra stones placement matters if you want them to function to the full effect. When it comes to therapy or meditation, you require to place them correctly on your body areas.

And when we talk about energizing your living space, Feng shui helps you manifest better results.

So by putting the crystals in the right order, you let them harness the energy and channel the healing vibrations to your body as well as your surroundings.

Okay, now I mentioned two ways of placing your stones – on your body and in your living space. Let’s talk about them.

illustration of crystal placement in home

Where to place chakra stones on the body

chakra stones placed on woman body

By now, I hope you understand the fact that your body is a bulk of electromagnetic energy consistently radiating the vibrations. And by very nature, this subtle vibration is well aligned with your energy centers. When you place the right crystals in the right areas, you allow them to sync with each other’s energy.

So how do place them correctly? It’s easy.

Lie down on your stomach or your back, whichever makes you feel comfortable. Now you may need an assistant to place each stone at the right points. So take your time to relax and calm your senses. Now ask him/her to place the selected stones in line with the chakra points.

  • Root chakra stones — the base of the spine (if you’re lying on your stomach) or above the groin area (if you’re lying on your back)
  • Sacral chakra stones — Below the navel or abdomen area
  • Solar plexus chakra stones — Above the navel or gut area
  • Heart chakra stones — Center of the chest or heart area
  • Throat chakra stones — Bottom part of your throat
  • Third eye chakra stones — Slightly above the middle part of eyebrows
  • Crown chakra stones — Above the head (can be placed on the ground near to the top of your head)

Close your eyes and focus on those 7 points on your body one by one. Starting from the Root chakra, feel the movement of energy like a river towards your Crown chakra. Follow the movement with deep breathing and completely surrender yourself to the moment.

Was that tough? Of Course not.

However, there is one more technique that may need you to work with a crystal healer – the crystal grid.

chakra stones positioned on a crystal grid

A professional healer has a good understanding of not just positioning but the shapes and sizes of crystals to be used. A crystal grid is nothing but a layout that is arranged as per sacred geometrical shapes.

During the process, the healer places some stones on your body and some on the ground. And the layout so formed creates energy sync and maximizes the intensity of healing upon the user.

Where to place chakra stones in the house

Besides the home decor, chakra stones can affect the way you feel inside your “home sweet home”. When you place chakra stones in specific areas, you can literally change your home into a sacred living space.

Imagine the way you feel visiting the shrines or holy places! Don’t you experience the shift in energy dynamics?

Exactly, you can bring home the same experience with the help of Bagua. If you’re not familiar with Feng shui, Bagua is simply known as the energy map.

According to ancient traditions, Bagua maps possess great importance in positioning your home/office environment. They bring protection from evil forces, mishappenings, and manifest health and wealth. So based on the layout of the map, there are 9 areas in your living space. And each of them focuses on specific virtues of life.

  1. Wealth and abundance
  2. Family and health
  3. Knowledge and self-cultivation
  4. Career and life path
  5. Helpful people and travel
  6. Creativity and children
  7. Love and relationships
  8. Fame and reputation
  9. Center and well-being

Feng Shui Bagua map Now besides the Bagua map, you can also practice the placements of stones with the help of crystal grids.

There are specific layouts for specific purposes in life such as relationships, wealth, wellness, etc.

So whichever method you try, chakra stones placement helps in curing energetic imbalance and bringing a fresh breath of life.

How do chakra stones work?

seven chakra stone clusters

Chakra stones healing works on the principle of metaphysical energy.

You might ask, “How in the world can a piece of rock do the healing work?”.

At first, crystals aren’t rocks. Well, they may resemble a rock but they’re formed off of geometrical patterns that possess an active source of energy.

It’s just like the Sun that showers its life energy to every species on Earth.

Take a look at nature. You see everything from living beings to non-living things, right! Every living being carries a synchronized pattern of energy. And anything that lacks pattern is just lifeless.

Now, have you ever realized there’s a space between your physical body and spiritual being?

This is exactly the place where metaphysical energy resides in the form of vibrations.

While using stones for healing the chakras, the vibrational forces induce healing properties of stones.

Yes, you read it right! The vibrations.

Some newbies might wonder if these stones stimulate rumbling sensations; as if you feel inside a vehicle.

At Least for normal people like you and me, nothing much happens.

They’re quite subtle in nature. The best way to describe it is like when you feel your pulses or sensations at specific body areas.

And your chakras are those core areas that we’re going to focus on here.

Everything possesses vibrations in a certain density. But the negative energy creates an imbalance in the pattern leading to emotional and physical stress.

Remember that chakras are not a separate part of you. They are susceptible beings, just like our emotions.

And all physical and ethereal aspects of us are nothing but energy. Because of imbalance in the densities and energy patterns, you suffer from poor health and lifestyle.

But when you use chakra stones for healing practices, you wield pure and stable energy.

Your chakra centers are really good receptors. But the problem is that they attract everything good or bad.

And without guiding forces, crystals themselves can do nothing. They need our conscious ability to direct the intention for goodness and filter the odd ones out.

Depending on the stones you choose and the purpose you have, you need to be imaginative.

It’s just like prayers or rituals people perform as per their faith. Your thoughts and feelings are the key drivers and can make stones work for you. They are the carrier for vibrations.

Anything that arises in the mind starts flowing as a sensation on the body. -Buddha

Keep this in mind – using stones for healing the chakras doesn’t work if you have negative or empty thoughts. This would only end you up complaining about the stones not working.

See, you should always be clear, optimistic, and unbiased towards your intentions. Without it, your stone is simply a rock.

How chakra stones work also depends on your psychic ability. It’s not about being early or late.

Some of you can be well receptive to its energies, naturally. Whereas some people may initially find it hard to feel the sensations. So in either case, you have to keep up with your faith in its healing energy.

Science says that a matter is 99.999…% empty space. And by now you know what makes up this space: the vibrational energy.

Just watch the people around you. Don’t you find something terribly wrong? Most of them are easily affected by the influence of other people, news, social media, or even their past.

And this makes their vibration very unstable.

On the other hand, chakra stones are super stable and remain unchanged.

If harnessed in the right way, they have the ability to recalibrate your frequency to the ideal state.

Though scientifically, there are no such instruments to measure them. But the values and influence of crystals are well inscribed in the experiences of different ages and ancient cultures.

What you can understand is that these subtle vibrations of crystals express themselves in geometrical patterns. Now imagine why some snow particles take the shape of snowflakes?

Those symmetrical designs on snowflakes can’t be magic, right!

It happens because they respond to some stable vibrational frequency of nature that takes a visible form. And it’s no wonder that crystals induce healing frequencies in the form of good karma, a disease-free body, and a positive mind.

Note that you shouldn’t assume the benefits the moment you choose the crystals. Each crystal needs to be worked upon to make it work for you. And only then do they become part of you.

How to choose the right Chakra stones for you?

man holds the chakra stones on the palms

There’re many factors you need to consider when you’re about to choose the right chakra stones. They are the color, chakra rhythm, birth date, horoscope, intuition, and ancient knowledge.

Look, this may not be that easy for some of you. But I’m sure with patience and intention, you can find the stones that are best for you.

Tell me, would you agree if I told you that the stones have already chosen you as their bearer? “Wait, how could chakra stones select me?”, you might ask.

It is true that the cosmos has great gifts for us. Yet a lot of people realize this very late or never.

When you want something badly, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. -Paulo Coelho

This is where chakra stones can help you restore self-belief. But only if you take the right actions to achieve what has already been there for you.

At Space and Vibes, we often learn about some people complaining about the crystals or comparing stones with others. See, if you don’t do your part of the research and select the stones as per your wish, you’re just wasting your time and making unnecessary excuses.

So how to choose chakra stones knowing that they would work for you? 

woman wearing chakra bracelet

The good thing about chakra stones is that you are not limited by your choices. Selecting stones don’t have to just be an expensive affair. You have many budget-friendly alternatives at your disposal.

But mind that you can’t simply choose because you’re being drawn by its beauty.

For each chakra, there are several chakra stones.

Each of them has a characteristic color and frequency that works differently for different people. The way a particular set of stones resonates with your chakra’s frequency may not be the same for others.

Chakra stones don’t work by just visiting the store and picking up the random ones. No lottery concept here, please!

You’ve to understand what comes naturally to you. And you’ll have to ponder over a lot of questions.

Does the stone type, color, and attribute match my personality?

Do I feel a personal resonance with the crystal?

Is there a tingling sensation in my body while using certain stones?

Or why don’t I feel sensations at all?

Whichever stones are easily accessible to you, gaze at it, hold it, and let your intention guide you. Maybe some crystals are a significant part of your culture. Or maybe your horoscope has already assigned a birthstone to you.

In either situation, you need to list them down and maintain a crystal journal. Keep account of your experience with each of them.

To make it further easier, you may classify them based on your purpose – stones for money, career or relationship, feng shui practice, etc.

You may even consult a certified astrologer or a healer to get guided help.

Aware of your horoscope? We made a list of powerful protection stones based on your horoscope sign, so you can easily find out which stones suit you the best. Wonderful!

You finally know how to choose the right chakra stones. But be careful. People often make mistakes while selecting the stones.

Here’re a few words of caution that you should never forget while choosing your chakra stones:

  • Never judge a stone too quickly. Give some time to your understanding of chakras for what they’re really needed and whatnot.
  • Never foster blind faith. Believe in what crystals have been known for thousands of years as inscribed in ancient knowledge.
  • Working with random stones may lead you too overpowered or underpowered chakras instead of balancing them.
  • You can’t fix machinery without proper knowledge of the tools. So educate yourself to avoid intermixing the stones with your purpose.

Chakra stones benefits

Using chakra stones can bring you unimaginable benefits only if used with intention and discipline.

Being affected by negative influences is quite common for everyone isn’t it!

But the longer you’re under bad influences, the more stressed and sick you feel.

You need to get rid of it ASAP.

That’s where chakra stones can help you harness the benefits of the healing energy.

Now their benefits are countless and it’s impossible to mention them all.

So here, we are going to share some of those experiences that you can easily relate to.

illustration of man while meditating
  • Creates balance between the physical self and spiritual being
  • Cleanses the toxic thoughts lurking in your mind
  • Deepens your thought process and peaceful mindset Attainment of deeper consciousness state during meditation
  • Restores faith in the spirituality
  • Realization of your existence in the world
  • Increases the curiosity for the answers you’re searching
  • Shields you from the influence of malicious people
  • Warning senses to protect against evil eyes
  • Ability to identify truth and lie
  • More positive observation in life rather than negative thoughts
  • Facilities your emotional intelligence
  • Allows you to face your fear with courage and will
  • Helps you to eliminate envy and have compassion and love for others
  • Alleviates your grief and suffering due to loss Instills willingness to reach out and care for others
  • Neutralizes the negative emotions that create aggression and anger
  • Reduces the mental fog that helps you with making better decisions
  • Heals you psychologically and eliminating frustration, irritation, and mood swings
  • Nurtures you emotionally when you’re hit by depression

Chakra Stones Q & A

What are chakra stones good for?

Chakra stones are good for practicing chakra meditation, yoga mudras, chakra grid layout, Reiki, feng shui, and even alternative medical therapies. They are also good for jewelry, bracelets, and as an instrument for setting intentions and embracing the disciplined lifestyle.

What is the purpose of chakra stones?

The primary purpose of chakra stones is to restore the disturbed flow of energy in the body and bring back the balance. For different people, there could be different purposes such as health, relationships, money, etc. But it’s also important to renew the lost knowledge of ancient wisdom and value your true intentions.

Can you share chakra stones?

In short, it depends. It’s okay if you have some questions like: Why don’t I feel the same after this person touched my stones? If somebody holds my stones, they may contaminate their energy. See, it’s your preference. If you’re not bothered about cleansing and programming them again, you may place your crystals within reach of people. Or else, you should keep your stones at some height if you don’t really want your cheeky neighbor to touch them.

Pritesh V.
Pritesh V.

Pritesh is an avid writer and spiritual explorer. He believes in the power of mediation and loves to connect with the spiritual geeks to help them discover the power of self-healing.

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