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Chakra Bracelet Meaning That Jewelers Won’t Tell You

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The chakra bracelet meaning and its uses shouldn’t be a secret.

Yet many people wearing chakra bracelets these days but they have no idea what do they mean.

In this post, we are revealing the true meaning of the chakra bracelet that nobody told you about before.

We’ll cover everything you should know, from activating to its benefits, pay close attention if you have a chakra bracelet already, or planning to get yourself one.

What is Chakra Bracelet Anyway?

pair of chakra bracelets with lava stones

A chakra bracelet is an instrument of manifestation that helps to unblock the chakra centers and ease the flow of energy. The bracelet allows the wearer to draw the energy from 7 embedded natural stones. These stones are so ancient and believed to hold special properties that can help you break free from the barriers of life.

Let me explain to you a little bit about the Chakra and the stones. Do you know the thing that governs your physical body? You can only see your physical body as many do. But whenever you feel some energy or change in emotion, that sensation comes from the Aural or non-physical body.

And within your aural body sits the 7 Chakras that govern your physical body via energy. Due to unbalanced Chakras, however, the energy flows abnormally and our body and mind suffer. This is where Chakra Bracelet brings healing power to our body and restores the life force.

Each stone in the bracelet carries a unique characteristic property and generates strong vibrations. Because of the crystalline structure, the vibrations inside the stones are induced in a repetitive pattern in all directions.

And together they make a really powerful tool in the form of a bracelet that allows a wearer to harness the energy and activate the chakras.

The Meaning of Chakra Bracelet, Revealed!

The meaning of the Chakra Bracelet is to bring back the balance in your life with the aid of ancient gemstones.

You might wonder why the stones! That’s because these stones hold special properties and are able to make connections with the body through Chakras.

The crystallization of these stones traces their history (back) to millions of years. The atomic structure so formed has a symmetrical pattern which is unique in every gemstone. And each of them holds energetic properties in the form of frequency.

Researches say these stones can potentially impact the surrounding as they continuously emit positive vibrations. As you wear multiple stones in the form of a bracelet, your chakras get in sync with these vibrations. This induces an uninterrupted flow of energy throughout your chakras centers. Therefore, the meaning of a chakra bracelet lies in its ability to heal the wearer from suffering.

Though chakra bracelets are primarily meant for spiritual healing, they’re now widely used as a fashion item. It’s a great addition to any type of outfit and can fit on any wrist. This bracelet also makes for a memorable gift for your loved ones.

Meaning of Chakras

what are Chakras and their meaning

Chakra is a Sanskrit term that translates to ‘wheel’. We all have mainly 7 energy centers aligned vertically along the spine. These energy centers enable uninterrupted flow of energy right from the base of the spine to the crown area of your head. And these centers operate in a continuous loop and allow the wheel of energy to bring balance and beauty to your life.

What Happens When These Energy Centers Are Blocked?

symptoms of blocked chakras

The reason many people remain unhappy is because of the lack of purpose and an unbalanced lifestyle. This promotes negativity which in turn creates blockages in the chakra system. Consequently, the person develops stress, illness, an unsuccessful career, and relationships.

How Chakra Bracelet Can Make Your Life Meaningful?

Beaded with 7 stones, the Chakra Bracelet releases vibrational frequency that clears off the blocks and paves the way for energy. The wearer can ultimately feel the process of healing physically, mentally, and emotionally. You will be driven to take your life’s responsibilities and attract positivity every day. All you’ve to do is set the right intentions while wearing your special bracelet.

Meaning of Chakra Bracelet in Meditation

woman meditate with chakra bracelet

For an extraordinary meditation experience, make the Chakra Bracelet a part of your daily routine. But first, you must know the Chakra locations in your body and the effects they might have on you. While meditating, you’ll start to feel more focused and connected to yourself. This means your Chakras that enable the flow of energy have been activated and ready to heal you.

Chakra Bracelet Color Meaning

The Chakra Bracelet color means each stone in the bracelet has a characteristic color that defines the purpose of the corresponding Chakra. There are 7 Chakra stones for 7 Chakra centers of the body. Accordingly, each Chakra stone is assigned to the respective energy centers.

Power of 7 Chakra Healing Stones

hands on seven chakra healing crystals

7 Chakra healing stones hold enough power to rejuvenate every cell with their vibrational properties. They have the ability to redirect external influence and relieve stress, diseases, and lack of purpose in life.

Because of the energy-sabotaging lifestyle, most of us unknowingly create physical and mental blocks that prevent us from accessing the abundance. This induces fear, exhaustion, demotivation, and lifelessness.

But the good thing is we can regain control of our life if we set the right intentions. To set the right intentions we must know the energy that resides within us. And so these 7 healing stones exist to help us realize those powers.

With practice, you’ll get the ability to perceive the unceasingly spinning energy of the chakra stones in your energy centers.

Chakra Bracelet Stones And Their Meaning

chakra bracelet and seven chakra stones

  1. Red Jasper: Brings vitality, courage, and sparks passion for life.
  2. Carnelian: Enhances creativity and physical stamina
  3. Calcite: Responsible for hormonal balance and helps with shyness
  4. Aventurine: Stimulates metabolism and heals vital organs
  5. Turquoise: Promotes self-forgiveness and boosts intelligence
  6. Lapis Lazuli: Evokes psychic ability and helps to bring insights
  7. Amethyst: Helps to understand the root cause of mental and physical imbalance

Benefits of Wearing Chakra Bracelet

woman doing yoga and seven chakra bracelet

Wearing a Chakra Bracelet brings transformational benefits to your mind and body. Irrespective of religion or ethnicity, Chakra Bracelet has been a part of spiritual practices and wearables for ages. In many cultures, the bracelet is said to have brought healing benefits and helped people to find untapped abilities.

1.Creates Protective Layer

Anything we touch, anyone we meet or anywhere we go, everything carries frequencies both positive and negative. No matter what, Chakra Bracelet must be in direct contact with the body. This creates an energy field that aids in protection and prevents any untoward happening.

2.Prevents Addiction

The bracelet helps people dealing with drugs, alcohol, and emotional troubles. The stones stimulate certain vibrations that bring the wearer’s attention towards the chakras and eventually develop healthy habits.

3.Works Along With Alternative Healing Practices

Chakra Bracelet has prominent use in Yoga, Reiki, Feng shui, and other meditation practices. Believers in such ancient practices use stones to clear roadblocks and open the world of possibilities. It overloads your feelings with good vibes such that there is no room for negativity like envy, anger, greed, and depression.

4.Improves Consciousness

In the world of distractions, seeking attention is quite a challenge. But when you have a Chakra bracelet on your wrist, finding focus becomes easier. The positive vibes from the stones help you remain mentally focused on your task and attract rewarding results.

5.Develops Ctrong Personality

It allows you to develop knowledge and insights about the inner and outer world. You’ll observe more clarity in your thinking and lesser room for doubts. Not only would you improve your personality but establish great relationships with others.

6. Clears Blockage And Realign Chakra Centers

Our body contains thousands of mini chakras that are directly associated with the 7 main chakras. However, unhealthy and hectic lifestyles create hindrance in the human energy field and block many energy paths.

With the Chakra Bracelet, the vibrations of stones reach the deepest parts of our body to detoxify and realign the chakras. Eventually, this facilitates the natural flow of energy by opening up the nodes that have been clogged for a long.

How to Charge a Chakra Bracelet?

hand holding chakra stones

This isn’t your plug and charge gadget. Charging a Chakra Bracelet requires a traditional method of resetting its energy using Sunlight, Moonlight, and Earth.

Chakra stones by very nature carry cosmic vibration. However, if you’re about to use a newly bought stone or have kept it unused for long, it must be charged first. It requires setting the vibration to their natural frequency to receive an amplified effect on your body’s electromagnetic field.

Charging With The Sun’s And Moon’s Energy

On a sunny day, put your bracelet on a clean mat directly exposed to the light. A better start in the morning. Avoid exposure to intense sunlight.

The energy captured from the Sun is highly simulative and induces instant energy to the wearer.
Repeat the same during full Moon days. Moon’s energy is not as intense as the Sun’s but has deeper and lasting penetration.
You may also leave the bracelet completely outside for a couple of days during clear weather.

This allows the stones to capture energy in the right proportion.

Charging With The Earth’s Energy

Put your bracelet on a clean mat and lay it directly on the soil. You may also bury it in the soil surrounded by plants.

Give your bracelet at least 12 hours to completely absorb the grounding energy of the Earth. This allows the stones to reflect the stability and material power to you.

Suggestion: Put a glass bowl to protect from unexpected rain. Don’t expose to extreme hot or cold weather.

Which Wrist to Wear a Chakra Bracelet?

various images of wearing chakra bracelet

You can wear a Chakra Bracelet on any wrist as both sides have their own meaning.

Left Side

The left side of our body is the receiving end that has an internal influence on the wearer. When worn on the left wrist, Chakra Bracelet helps you control the intake of external energies. As it wards off unwanted vibes, it lets you absorb positive energy into your body. address

Your left side also enables you to establish a connection with your subconscious self and drive motivation.

So if you want to attract personal growth, relationships, peacefulness, and creativity, consider wearing the Chakra Bracelet on your left wrist.

Right Side

The right side of our body is responsible for activity or giving. Your projection to the outside world is the reflection of what’s inside you. So when worn on the right wrist, the Chakra bracelet helps you control your active thoughts and brings conscious attention to your work. It ensures you develop better planning and communication skills.

So if you want to have control over your energy you want to put in something and achieve rewarding results, have it on your right wrist.

How to Cleanse The Chakra Bracelet?

what not to do when cleansing chakra bracelet

Cleansing your Chakra bracelet enables the stone’s natural tendency to release energy. It’s always a good idea to follow these methods to cleanse your bracelet after you’ve purchased or received it from someone:

  1. Burying the bracelet in a small bowl of brown rice is a good old method. Traditionally, brown rice is known to absorb negative energy from the crystals. However, I suggest you do not consume that rice.
  2.  As per the Native American ritual, it requires you to light the sage or sacred smudge sticks and let them smolder. And then hover your bracelet to bathe in the cluster of smoke for a few minutes. You may also use cedar or herbal incense sticks as they hold the same purifying powers.
  3. Some practitioners suggest cleansing under the moonlight. In the Eastern tradition, singing bowls or chanting mantras are considered stone cleansers.
  4.  Ideally, the best time to cleanse your bracelet is sunrise or sunset hours or during full moon night. And to get the full potential of the bracelet’s energy, you must cleanse once in 3-4 months.

Suggestion: I don’t recommend water and salt for cleansing as they may have an adverse impact on the bracelet.

How to Activate The Chakra Bracelet?

Activating a Chakra bracelet means to program the stones to manifest their benefits.

Scientifically, the crystalline nature of the Chakra stones enables them to hold information in the form of vibrations. And therefore, the Chakra bracelet is perfectly suited to amass thoughts, emotions, and affirmations which reflect back to the wearer.

Just remember it doesn’t require you to be an expert stone healer.

  1. Step 1: Prepare yourself in a silent place and completely relax your mind. You may also use Tibetan singing bowls to reach the alpha state of the mind.
  2. Step2: Organize your thoughts and intentions on a piece of paper.
  3. Step3: Hold the Chakra bracelet and completely immerse yourself in the feeling as if you’re communicating with a conscious being.
Pritesh V.
Pritesh V.

Pritesh is an avid writer and spiritual explorer. He believes in the power of mediation and loves to connect with the spiritual geeks to help them discover the power of self-healing.

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