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What Does It Mean When Your Chakra Bracelet Breaks?

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One of our customers asked what does it mean if my chakra bracelet breaks This is a common question, still many people asking about this around the internet, so here’s our complete answer.

In this short article, you’ll find out a few possible reasons why your chakra bracelet has broken. Read it until the end and find out how we deal with broken chakra bracelets ordered from Space & Vibes store.

Why Did My Chakra Bracelet Break

Your chakra bracelet broke because it wanted to convey to you some hidden message. Or maybe it had served its purpose and gave all of its energy to you. No one would ever want their bracelet to break. There is a feeling of attachment when you own a bracelet.

It’s just like a priceless gift from your loved ones that you would never want to lose. A living embodiment that connects you with your spiritual self. It was there throughout your journey and all of sudden you find it broken or scattered. But that’s wonderful about it when you pause for a moment and ponder over the reason behind this.

What Happens When My Chakra Bracelet Breaks?

When your chakra bracelet breaks, it leaves behind a secret message that can’t be readily understood. You may feel very uncanny about it at first. This might be like a shockwave for a moment. Like a personal loss.

But there’s always a reason behind every incident and the bracelet is no such exception. And the reason is that your bracelet has served the purpose and given off its healing energy to you.

Your bracelet stayed with you in all walks of life. It helped you to connect with your inner self and find peace in life. It motivated you when you were down and encouraged you to live with purpose.

In one way or another, you developed a deep spiritual connection. So it’s evident that when it broke, you would have felt quite strange. But that’s completely fine and nothing to worry about!

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What To Do When it Breaks?

Do you know that your spiritual self always tries to connect with you?

But it works best when you’re either in an alpha state or when you feel a sense of suddenness. And it’s obviously not a pleasant feeling when all of sudden you find the bracelet broken apart.

But you know what!

The bracelet already gave you the ability to perceive the message that it left behind. Let me tell you that there’s nothing coincidence here. And the spiritual message is not your WhatsApp message that could be easily seen.

So what exactly should you do?

Well, in such a situation, stop for a while and write down how you’re exactly feeling at the moment. Don’t force it! Just keep it simple and observe wherever your mind wanders. That actually helps you with self-awareness. And sooner or later, you would realize the hidden message that kept popping in your head all the time.

Isn’t this a good thing for you?

How Do We Deal With The Ripped bracelets From our Customers?

If you are our customer and your bracelet breaks please don’t bother with fixing it because we have a better solution. We will send you a new one completely free of charge. Yes, you heard that right, we will send you a new bracelet completely free of charge.

Your next question may be why are we doing this?

We want your energy to remain at a high level as when you wore it last time. But also to continue receiving all the benefits of chakra bracelets.

The stones on your bracelet carry a certain amount of energy, and when the stones are in contact with your skin, they transfer that energy to the wearer. We don’t want that flow of positive vibes to be interrupted, regardless of the reason for your broken bracelet, we will send you a new one for free.

Space & Vibes is the first online store that doing this, you just need to contact our customer happiness team, send a picture of your torn bracelet and that’s it, your new chakra bracelet will be on its way to you.

Do you remember our valued customer from the beginning of this article who actually asked this question?

He was so kind as to send us the image of his new chakra bracelet we shipped after the old one served its purpose.

even chakra bracelet around wrist

Pritesh V.
Pritesh V.

Pritesh is an avid writer and spiritual explorer. He believes in the power of mediation and loves to connect with the spiritual geeks to help them discover the power of self-healing.

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  1. Kristi kupfer

    My bracelet broke and I love it so much I’m just heart broken

  2. Virgen Arroyo

    My chakra bracelet broke last nite & I felt it broke the past no looking back yes I got a little sad but I understood the purpose..I would love to get another chakra bracelet to continue my new journey

  3. Mary Nielsen

    Im quite upset, my Chakra Bracelet broke and fell on floor in a restaurant I was in.

  4. Patience

    How would I go about sending a pic of my broken chakra bracelet to get a new one?

    1. Tanya

      Hi, unfortunately, we don’t have your email in our customer records, please send us your order number and a picture of your broken bracelet to suppport@spaceandvibes.com after the review, we will be happy to replace your bracelet with a new one. If you have any additional questions please let us know.

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