About space & Vibes

who we are

It all began with the thought.
Space & Vibes was our thought, manifested in an online shop, it’s a product of human curiosity, we are just group of people seeking for the truth and this website is our way to express our thoughts, feelings, emotions, energy, vibes, and knowledge gained through the years, and share them with the rest of the world through our products, website content, and customer relationship.

From carefully handpicked healing stones to Buddhist wealth tools made in a traditional way, we make sure that natural materials used for making our products are of the finest quality and delivered to you for the best price. Let’s begin together this journey of mystic secrets of energy healing, meditation, yoga, sacred geometry, and never-ending learning about 7 chakras. Because spiritual growth is a long journey, conscious thinking is our goal.

Together we are making the world a better place for every soul on earth, people all over the world are waking up. Join our community, Space & Vibes is here to raise your vibes because healthy frequencies are something you deserve.